Market Payment Not Received On Bank Transfer

I am an author on Envato. I am having issue with my market payment on the new payment system.

On November 15th, 2023, I received an email notifying me that my November (until 31st October) payment had been processed and that I should expect to receive it in my Bank Account on November 22nd, 2023. However, as of today, I have not yet received the payment in my bank account.

I want to assure that I have carefully updated my bank account details in the new payment system, and I have not encountered any issues in the past regarding my payments which was SWIFT (the same bank account I have on the new payment system). I have always received my payments promptly.

I have also contacted Envato support regarding this. Haven’t got any replied yet. Also, contacted the bank, they told they got no remittance this month yet.

Can anyone suggest @BenLeong @KingDog what should I do? Is this happaning to all author(s) who are currently set the new payment to direct Local Bank Transfer?



Just wait for the respond. They will provide you the information you need. If there’s a problem with the payment, the payment should return to your account.

If there’s no issue, depending on the bank, it may take a bit longer. Be patient.

Payment has been processed, but not received yet on the bank. There is also conversion rate, the bank name& account no, payment date etc. All are okay. But still got no payment to the bank. Below is a screenshot of the payment processed email by Envato on 15th.

You need to solve it with your bank but it’s normal that there may be some delays.

As I have said, I had contacted the bank & they didn’t get the payment yet! They also suggested to contact Envato to know the exact status of the payment.

If your bank has an Intermediate Bank ( An Intermediate Bank , also known as ‘Corresponding Bank’, is the one that acts between the originator’s bank and beneficiary’s bank ) It will take longer.

I have mentioned that previously I have paid via SWIFT (the same bank account I am have on the new payment system) where I just received the payment within 3 days. But this new payment method, why it will take longer (as the same bank)?

If it take longer, why is the estimated time from Envato is 22nd on Sep (7 days after payment processing, but still not received)?

Hi @theme_land,

Please keep patience and wait for the Envato support reply. They will help you to sort this issue.
By the way your fees was $9 (Bank transfer) or $25 (SWIFT transfer)?


There’s no “exactly” estimated. I had transferred some $$ from bank account to my other bank account ( overseas ) as SWIFT, the first one took one day to arrive, the second one took almost three weeks. It’s related to the bank

I read on the forum, some cases may take up to three weeks.

The fees was $9 (Bank Transfer). And also on the Envato payout section on my dashboard, it shows payment option as “Primary” which was previously “SWIFT”.

But there is no confirmation from the bank that there are any holding payments. Also I didn’t got any refund back on Envato. Is there no way to know the status of the payment from the Intermediate Bank?

Did you change anything on the payment configuration section?

I was asked to update my payout details on the new payment system by Envato. Then I clicked on the link & setup the general information & payout details as the same Bank account I have previously.

Then as usual, I got monthend Earnings Calculate email & also on 15th, payment processed email (i.e. We sent you money). And then a new email regarding the new payment system with conversion rate which screenshot I attached earlier on this thread. But still not received the payment on Bank.

There was a similar issue on the forum that one author entered the bank information wrong ( Different currency ) end-up returning the money but it took more than 3 weeks.

As everything seems well ( configured ) I suggest to wait few more days till Wednesday, if you haven’t received the money by that time, just reply to the ticket you have created ( avoid creating a new one ) and ask for some updates.

I can totally understand what happened to you.

I think funds are being held by the Central Bank, awaiting a Form C in order to continue processing the payout.

A Form C is also known as an “International inward remittance” form, and we have been advised that a Form C is required for all international ICT transfers to your country banks (all Envato payments are classified as ICT payments).

Please fill Form C out and provide it to your bank.

Also you will get support about this from envato support, just keep patience.

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It is mentioned on the official notice of Bangladesh Bank that “Form C is NOT required against inward remittances up to $10k or its equivalent”. Also I have discussed with the Customer Helpline/Support of the bank I reffered, they also advised the same “A Form-C is NOT required”.

I’m attaching a link here of the official notice of Bangladesh Bank to clarify that. So what will be the issue here?

In this case you must have to contact Envato support:

and let them know full details and helpful links. They will help you

Contacted Envato support on 22th, Still got no reply.

Also contacted the bank, they suggest me to collect the invoice from Envato. Any idea, how to get the invoice of the payment?


You have received email with the amount you will receive (you attached above post a screenshot, I removed) you can provide that one.

I hope you will get reply from envato support after weekend.

I have not yet received the payment in my bank account. :smiling_face_with_tear: