I still haven't received the payment through Revolut.

I am an author on Envato. I am having issue with my new payment option.

I have set up the new payment method for my Envato account as author and provided the necessary details for my Revolut bank. However, the money has not arrived as of today, even though the payment was processed on the 15th, so it’s been 10 days already. I have also contacted Envato help via email, but I have not yet received a clear resolution or a response indicating the cause of this delay.

I want to mention something that might help: when you need the IBAN code from Revolut, there are two options. There is an IBAN code for national transfers and another IBAN for international transfers. In this case, I tried to add the international IBAN code, but the form on the Envato payments page says, “This IBAN cannot be used in your country.” So, I added the IBAN code for national transfers instead.

Could this be the reason I haven’t received the money yet? In this case, what should I do to receive my payment?

Thank you!

Did you check this one?

Does it look like “Bank Transfer” or “SWIFT” on your dashboard?

Yes, I have checked, why?
I don’t understand, if your intervention on this forum doesn’t provide an explanation, a resolution, a solution, but rather boils down to ‘be patient,’ why do you still respond? Do you realize that this makes the topic appear as if it has received answers, thereby discouraging other more knowledgeable users from providing responses?

Imagine that I already know that Envato Help will respond at some point. Also, I am aware that the money will be refunded to my account if there is an issue, as well as the fact that it may take longer depending on the bank.

My question was different, and I repeat, if you couldn’t provide an answer to that question, why do you respond with generalities? I’m sorry to say, but your responses are completely useless. Thanks anyway!

We are trying to understand the late delivery is due to “Bank Transfer” issue. As the SWIFT payment has no issue so far.

You’re here to ask some advice, right? This is why I’m replying to help you to find the problem if it’s related to any issue that you may have missed.

If you’re not looking for suggestion, just wait for the Envato support reply. Creating a thread on the “general forum” won’t help you to get the things done or quicker.

And your advice is to wait…
This is nonsense.
Nevermind. You didn’t get it.

Please don’t edit your replies so extensively, except for grammatical errors; you make my replies lose all logic, and that’s not quite fair. You can add another reply instead.

I tried to withdraw to Revolut the previous month, in my case the payment came trough on the 19th, considering it was sent Monday the 16th.
I used the international EUR account, if you used the local one I guess the payment will most likely be returned to the payment provider, this process may take some time (I am not sure, but I think up to 2-3 weeks - you can ask more about this in the Revolut app’s chat).

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Thank you!