Payments not received via SWIFT


Ticket ID: 356436 - 356125 & 355558
I’ve open this thread to solve this problem more faster, sorry unfortunately I can’t wait for a few days until I get a reply from support, that’s why.

We didn’t got payment of October (16 November, 2015) We received mail from envato (Your Request for Withdrawal has been Processed ) on 16 November, 2015 & today’s 23 November 2015. Normally it took 1 to 3 business days but for the first time our payments still not received. I called to my bank officer they said there is no status like holding or something else. So the point is Envato’s bank haven’t send the payment yet. Its not about a product error or else. Its about payment & i request to envato please take it seriously I can’t wait for a few days until i get a response from Envato support. Awesome platform for the authors but support system is too slow which is disappointed really. I would be glad to have a response from Envato help member & pass my ticket to the right person who can help us quickly.