Payment trough SWIFT not received 8 day passed and still not in bank account

The Envato has send me payment on 15 November. It’s normal 8 days and 6 business days has passed but payment is still not received. I also open a support ticket. Any other author got the issue ?

Hi @marfan

Please don’t worry. Wait to get a reply of your support ticket from Envato Dedicated Support Team. I believe you will get a solution/answer of your query.



Thanks for asking at Envato forum.
Keep patience Envato support team will take care of this.
I believe Envato support team giving you the best solution to get your payment soon.

Best Regards

@unlockdesign 3 days passed still no response of my ticket. I created new one today.

Contacting Envato Support was a best way i think. Envato always replies to their tickets between 24 hours and 7 days, depending on the volume of pending tickets in the queue.
Keep patience hope they will reply you soon.

You could get your payment via Payoneer and Bank Transfer there. It keeps only one day.