Envato Author Dashboard - updates and feature discussion


Hi all :wave: , I’m Jimmy, the Product Manager working on your Authoring Experience.

We’re getting ready to launch the addition of after-tax earnings to the new Envato Author Dashboard. This feature comes as a much-anticipated request, and we trust it will make it easier for you to better track your earnings.

We will post here in the next couple of days to let you know when the feature is live, but first I wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the concerns surrounding the current dashboard experience. Also, thank you for your patience and feedback while we are working towards an optimal solution.

We have heard your feedback regarding the existing Elements Contributor App functionality and have been investing in making these updates and improvements (such as .csv downloads) in the new Envato Author Dashboard. The decision to move to the new reporting technology was required for us to deliver all the features that you have long requested. As a result, we have multiple dashboards running concurrently. We apologize for the fractured experience this creates.

When we have the required features and functionality in the new Envato Author Dashboard we will begin to switch off the BETA Author Dashboard and Elements Contributor Earnings Report. Hence, you only need to go to one place to get your earnings and performance insights.

There have been some comments and concerns regarding the accuracy of data and delays in posting earnings information. We have found that the concerns you have reported are a result of how tax is displayed, and the different timing and method in which data is updated across the two dashboards, and are not errors (see FAQs for a detailed breakdown).

We have consolidated some FAQs below which go into more detail regarding concerns with the accuracy of data, delays and plans moving forward.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding this initiative and of course with any feedback you may have. Thank you for your perseverance throughout these changes and we look forward to delivering a single place where you can get all the insights you need!


Why have you got all these dashboards?

We want to provide you with all of the insights, content creation opportunities and analytics you need to be as successful as possible. To do this, we needed to explore tools beyond what is currently available in the Elements Contributor App; that is why we are working on the Envato Author Dashboard.

Our long term goal is to consolidate these dashboards and have one place you can go to that provides you with all the information you need.

Why are the numbers different across the different dashboards?

  1. Until our next update (adding after tax earnings), the new Envato Author Dashboard is only displaying Before Tax figures. In addition, Envato Market earnings are also shown in the same report. You have the flexibility to toggle Envato Market, Elements and Elements Bonus earnings on and off.
  2. The new dashboard is updated once per day, whereas the existing Elements Contributors App is updated throughout the day. This means that at certain times throughout the day, earnings figures may be out of sync. As noted above, our intention is to have one place to see this information - as soon as this happens, this will no longer be an issue.

What is with the delays in showing earnings information?

When we designed the revenue share for Elements authors, we wanted to ensure it was as fair and balanced as possible. To achieve this it required some complexities such as weighted item points and the distribution of revenue from all subscribers as unique individuals. As a result, there are instances such as the end of a month or financial year, where the calculations take a little extra time to process.

When there are hefty calculations, data is released over time and not all in one hit; this is the case for the Elements Contributor App, and it can seem as though it is incorrect – however, the report is just processing in the background. More information regarding earnings calculations and delays can be found in the Help Center.

Is Envato manipulating the data?

No. As mentioned above, there are complexities in the calculations of data which means the earnings numbers are updating over a span of time in one dashboard, and all at once in another. We are working hard to get to a place where you only need to go to one place for your earnings information, and you can trust it will be correct and timely.

What features can we expect next?

We are working on migrating the bonus eligibility information from the beta.author.envato.com dashboard and bringing you richer item performance information (think item conversion, views etc.) and insights on what the biggest content opportunities are.

Thank you,

Jimmy - Content Product Manager


Can you please wait to switch off the old dashboards until there are item thumbnails in the new dashboard?


Thanks for the feedback, we’re looking into how to make this a reality and extending the functionality to all content types.

It would be great to know how much money we make from which items each day. It is possible to see the last 7 days, but it would be very useful to see it daily.

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Unfortunately, the updates data on the page: https://author.envato.com/reports stopped on June 16, for me … and also different data on the sold top tracks for the last 7 days, they are different with the old dashboard…
and it is not possible to save display settings in the new author’s panel … Thank you!

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Dear @Jimmy_J , thank you.
Please specify, as a result, in the new combined version, I will be able to see:

  • how many products do I need to publish and before what time to receive the bonus,
  • how many products have I added in the last 90, 180, 365 days,
  • as well as the TOP search terms (the previous 28 days),
  • the ability to enable the filter to display data taking into account the deduction of taxes?

Thanks @guapoo, we’ll chat through this one with the team. Due to the complex nature of calculating earnings through a subscription model, we stuck to showing earnings at the 7 day level for individual items (but daily for a whole portfolio); this was done to ensure performance (load times etc.) as we launched the new Dashboard.


Thanks for letting us know @StudioEtude - I’ll DM you today and we can take a look.


Hi @barsrsind, we will be working on making some improvements that go beyond what is currently available. I can confirm that we will have the bonus qualifying visualisation, the number of items published and the ability to filter taxes in the very near future.

Beyond that, we are looking at ways in which we can improve the current search data, for example, top search terms that return insufficient results. In addition, we are exploring how we can improve the individual item performance data by including information such as ‘conversion rate’.

We will keep you all updated as we progress, test and launch new features!




My https://author.envato.com/reports stopped on June 16th as well. Envato Elements shows 22nd of June…

…2hrs later and it updated! I knew I shouldn’t have posted but just waited.


Okay, thank you.

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Thanks for letting us know @SCOREWIZARDS and glad to hear it is updated, one of the issues with us running the multiple dashboards while we are working on the optimal solution, is the fact that they update on different cycles.

  1. The new dashboard is updated once per day, whereas the existing Elements Contributors App is updated throughout the day. This means that at certain times throughout the day, earnings figures may be out of sync. As noted above, our intention is to have one place to see this information - as soon as this happens, this will no longer be an issue.

We will keep working towards a unified experience!

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This is great, we are looking forward to it! I am glad to work with a company that is also developing :+1:


Thanks Jimmy!

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I don’t get it:
why total earnings statement does not correspond with item earnings and content bonus.

For example:
Daily item earnings = $40
Daily bonus = $10
Totall earnings = $70 instead of $50

P.S. It does not correspond either with Before and After Tax option.

Hi @Wolf_Music thank you for flagging, the tool tips (on the hover state) were not updating properly. This has been resolved now!


Hi all, dropping a note to let you know that the After Tax information is now available in the dashboard https://author.envato.com/reports.

Thank you for your patience on this release, more features to come soon!



I like the final update specially the dropdown menu it become more faster instead of ticking. Thanks All

Glad to hear that everything is OK now :slight_smile:

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