Introducing your new Envato Author Dashboard!

Hi all! Today we’re beginning to roll out a brand new Envato Author Dashboard to all @Elements_Authors. This incorporates some new analytics data that will help you to better understand your Envato Market and Envato Elements income, and the top-performing items in your portfolio. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Report URL:

Staggered rollout approach

We are inviting authors to use the new Envato Author dashboard in batches of 500 people per day. When the dashboard is available to you, we’ll notify you via email, and with an Intercom (pop-up) message that you’ll see in your Beta Author Dashboard.

The staggered rollout is a precaution while we test the load on our new dashboard servers. During this time, please feel free to start using the new dashboard as soon as you receive a notification. However, we ask that you don’t share the link with any other authors.

EDIT: The rollout is now complete! All Elements authors can access the dashboard via the link above.

New features

The new Envato Author dashboard adds several new features.

  • View a detailed earnings report that includes Market and Elements income
  • See your top 100 earning items, including Content Bonus
  • You can filter this data by marketplace
  • You can also filter this data to view a custom date range

Here’s what the new Earnings report will look like. You can click on the dropdown menus to change your View (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly) and Shopfront (Market, Elements or both). You can also set a custom date range for the report.

The new dashboard also contains details of your Top Earning Items. You can use the dropdown menus to select shopfront (Market, Elements or both), and to set the period for this report (Past 7, 30, 90 or 365 days).

Scroll down to see data for up to 100 items, including the item title, category, earnings and content bonus for the nominated period. You can also download a CSV file containing this data, via the button at the bottom of the Top Earning Items report.

Coming soon

We’re currently working on some additional features that will be added after the initial launch.

  • :white_check_mark: Expanded item performance report. Specify the number of items available in the report, instead of just the top 100.
  • :white_check_mark: CSV download: Item performance. Download item performance data in .csv format.
  • :white_check_mark: CSV download: Envato earnings. Download your full Envato Earnings data in .csv format.
  • Incorporating features from the Beta Dashboards. We will be gradually bringing features from the Beta Dashboards (trending items, content bonus eligibility etc) across to the new Envato Author Dashboard, as we’re building towards a single, simple place to access all your data. Until that information has been brought across, you’ll still have access to the Beta Dashboard.

Other features in development

We’re also exploring ways to add other highly requested features to the new dashboard, but don’t have a timeframe available for these yet.

  • Earnings reports that include after-tax information.
  • Data on number of pageviews or licences per item.

What’s next?

The first batch of authors will receive access to the new dashboard today, with other batches following throughout the next week. Once you get access, we’d love to hear your feedback!


We’d also like to thank all those who have contributed to testing so far, as a large group of authors have been working with our UX team throughout the development of this dashboard. Your feedback and suggestions have helped to shape the new design, and you’ve also helped to identify the most important features to add in the future :green_heart:

Huge thanks to @mrSunshiner, @BoykoPictures, @WistanSound, @StrokeVorkz, @ivankmit, @andrewtimothy, @RedOctopus, @Boris_Cupac, @OhmLab, @Grigory_bruev, @WildKittyTunes, @St_Denis, @deyangeorgiev, @byrdyak, @DC_Studio, @AlexanderChapaev, @pinkzebra, @plastic3, @MrRevant, @DREAMYARD_Visuals, @SilverHoof, @SlideFactory, @AndySlatter, @kamleshyadav, @YanMednis, @MomentProduction, @kenonl, @SinCabeza, @mkos83, @IndWorks, @magraphics, @VismovTV, @StepanPopov, @Alona2018 and @XiXinXing.

We’re rolling out access to the first batch of authors now, with more to come over the next week. Keep an eye our for an email (or Intercom pop-up) to see when you can access it :slight_smile:


I’m really happy to hear about “Daily view”. It was so sad for me to write every day earnings to my notepad :slight_smile: It felt like living in the 90s.

New features sound great. Can’t wait to see it.

Thanks for the update Ben.


This is great news, thanks Ben.


Sounds great! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Looks awesome, can’t wait to check out this cool stuff!


Just received the invite and the new dashboard looks great.


Hi! It’s beautiful. It is convenient to track all your income from the market. Is it still possible to add a filter so that the graph shows net income after taxes?

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Looks beautiful…
Please show the NET INCOME



Wow :blush:, it’s really amazing, I am happy to hear that


That’s Great, I love it. Thanks for every technician behind the screen. You really made a magnificent work.
I like this feature :-

Data on of pageviews or licences per item

Because number of pageviews and number of licences for an item is crucially very important to us to know the best direction of our business.
Thanks @BenLeong


Hi @Sound_Forces & @GranzCreative. Net income (after tax) is currently being explored - it’s listed under the “other features in development” section above :slight_smile:


Good news thanks. I am still wondering as a UK contributor if I can claim back my tax withheld ?

Great news! But how I can see this? I only see the Beta version.


Good news! I have checked new report dashboard, very nice things are “Daily Earnings” filter and “Top Earning Items”. And once i thought, it would be great to see all this information also after-tax, i read this topic and this feature will be in the future, COOOOOOL.

This would be also very-very interesting for many of us.

Nice job!

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it was a pleasure to help with testing. hopefully no one will be disappointed with the final version.

it’s really amazing, Thank @BenLeong

  • Hi, you still cannot open link of an item to see which one it is… Someone who has a lot of items with similar or same names simply cannot know which of his item is in question, that was a most common problem on previous earnings report and majority of authors needed this in next version to be fixed.

  • Daily download earnings still cannot be seen for 1 day, it’s still a guess game how items are performing. With hundreds or thousands items it’s impossible to track this.

  • Different marketplace items had different icons and could be easily distinguishable.

  • Instead of choosing start and end date, why can’t we choose month like previous version?

  • Also, (my persional opinion) is that content bonus next to earnings for each item is not necessary, but maybe others disagree.

  • First what everyone wants to see are numbers and I would move this column chart down, and earnings detailed report up

Sorry, but I don’t see huge improvement here, and we’re been waiting for long time here.


First impression? → Very good :smiley: Like it.