Author Dashboard [BETA] Thread

Hi Elements authors,

A few weeks ago we let you know about a new Author Dashboard Beta that we’ve been working on, with the first feature to help you determine if you are currently eligible for the content bonus or not. We’ve already seen some authors take action based on this and become eligible for that bonus.

We’ve also received a bunch of great feedback to help us make the eligibility feature even more comprehensive in the near future, thank you for your responses.

We’re committed to giving you the tools you need to be as successful as possible, and are excited to let you know that today we’ll be adding some more features! We have received lots of feedback from the first survey within the Author Dashboard, and there was an overwhelming request for data including which of your portfolio is the most downloaded/viewed, as well as customer search insights.

Today, we will be giving you ALL of those features mentioned above! We are continuously working on shaping this tool, and need your feedback to help us make sure we’re getting it right.

As the Author Dashboard is in a Beta stage, we will be constantly asking for feedback. We encourage you to use this forum thread to strike up some conversations, give us some suggestions and flag some opportunities for us to investigate (as well as the survey on the dashboard).

Thank you for being a part of Envato Elements and helping to shape the tools that help serve the author community.



Multiple upload, multiple edit item and keyword suggestion


and short by category on the earning info.


New features are great! I was waiting for something like this and happy to use new dashboard)
I agree with saepulgranz Sorting by category will be useful. Both in Earnings and in Items sections


Hi Jimmy,

Thank you you for adding updates so quickly. I very much appreciate the the ability to see the “most downloaded/viewed” items from my portfolio.

However, I think currently as-is, it misses the mark for what authors want. The actual download/view numbers are what is important. A ranking system with no actual stat data provides very little benefit. …And if I’m being quite honest, it feels as if Envato is going out of their way to prevent authors from seeing those numbers… :unamused:

Because clearly Envato already has those numbers to create the ranking system in the first place. If we are going to be in this together, Envato and Authors as a real community, there has to be more transparency. I know the download numbers are going to be off the charts compared to the actual payouts per clip, but authors still deserve to see that data.


Absolutely agree. Or at least a “search” option in our own portfolios.

Yeah, lack of any transparency with elements is weird.

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Also woould be nice to see a subscription package of buyer of each Item.


It’s too keep you at peace and from your ego crying that your items a being downloaded for 1 dollar at best and few cents at worst :man_shrugging::smiley:


Glad to see new tools for authors :+1::+1:

Thanks for those stats!

But please NEVER let us know how many downloads we get per month!
I still have to bring my heart beat back to normal 10 days after I saw one of my items on a national TV show!
The last thing I would like to know now is how much I make per download :joy:


I would guess that for video templates it’s around $1 - 0.88 cents per download. At least that’s how it is on a competing marketplace, with similar pricing.

Although I could be wrong, but that’s what it always shows under the “lowest earning” items in the first hours of a new month (the earning stats there refresh hourly). So by that it’s reasonable to assume that the lowest earning item was only downloaded once in that short amount of time and hence it’s possible that $1 - 0.88 is the amount you get for one download.

Hello! I hope everyone is doing OK during the current events :heart:

Just wanted to stop buy to let you all know that we have updated the top Elements search terms from Feb 20 - March 20.

Plenty more happening in this space soon, and thank you for your continuous discussions and feedback.



heyy Jimmy, please add a little feature EXPORT CSV for earning report

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Thanks @GranzCreative! This is something we’re looking at doing in the near future. Right now trying to focus on getting you the best signals to help create the content our customers want. However, understand the importance of the earnings details and improving upon what we have available today.


ok thanks, nice

Hi everyone! Just wanting to let you know that we’ve now updated the Author Dashboard with Trending Items, you can now keep an eye on what is trending for the last 7 days as frequently as you wish!

Many more updates to come soon, will keep you posted.



Thank you!!

Hi Jimmy, thanks for the update. I have some feedback
It would be very useful to me if I could know the date when I lose my content bonus.
I mean, instead of knowing if I am qualifying today, if it could display the day I am losing the content bonus so I can plan my upload.
I have my own calendar but I can’t trust myself this days :expressionless:


I just checked my Paypal account and have received the payment from VH, but there is no payment from EE, how about you? :crazy_face: