Envato Author Dashboard - updates and feature discussion


So… Does it mean this missing bonus arrives on 16th with normal Elements payment, or it will be paid with Triple Rewards on 20th?

Probably the next month’s payment ,we’ll see

hi @secondfalseiteration, this adjustment will be paid as a line item in the Incentives payment cycle and will be visible in the Incentives Earnings Statement on your Envato Author Dashboard.

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@Jimmy_J Item Performance tab now 10000x better. Thanks!!!


Hi all, it is my pleasure to announce the release of a bunch of new features and functionalities for your Item Earnings page within the Envato Author Dashboard.

First of all, I’d like to acknowledge the issues that we had experienced that had required us to close the page for a short period of time, as well as the blip in Content Bonus earnings across March 3rd and March 4th.

This issue was a result of delayed processing by a third-party system that we rely on, and I am sorry about the annoyance and inconvenience caused. Please note that there will be a catch up adjustment to be paid out as part of the Incentive Earnings cycle (around the 20th) and a line item will appear in the Incentives Earnings Statement on your dashboard.

I’d also like to let you know that we’re listening to your feedback, and working to evolve the Envato Author Dashboard into a tool that will give you rich insights and information to make decisions around content creation and help drive your success across Envato.

I acknowledge that the Earnings Report was a tool that many of you have found useful over the years, however, the way that system was built was not set up to deliver the functionality that so many of you have asked for.

So, let’s talk about what we’ve released that helps bring some of the insights closer to what you had seen in the Earnings Report, and the exciting new features that are now available on top of that.

We’ve taken a screenshot and numbered the features so you can follow along easily.

  1. Timeframe filters: We have extended the functionality beyond 7, 30 etc. days. By default, you’ll now see month to date, this is inline with how the Earnings Report was showing your monthly item earnings. You will also see that there is a ‘custom’ time filter, where you can select a date range of your choosing to have full flexibility over the data you see.

  2. Sort by and sort direction: You now have the ability to sort your item earnings by highest or lowest, the biggest change in earnings and published date. Select a filter you’d like to see (e.g. Total Earnings) and a direction (e.g. High to Low) and you will be able to analyse your portfolio performance through your earnings.

  3. Number of items shown: By default, you’ll see the top 50, however you can change this to the top 100 and ‘all’ items.

  4. Show new items only: Many of you have asked for a way to quickly determine how your newest items are performing. This feature allows you to see the performance of any items that have been published within the last 60 days.

  5. Download: We have improved the functionality of the .csv download, by allowing you to download whatever data is present according to the filters that you have applied in the report. On top of this, you can now download an excel file or .csv.

  6. Grand totals: A quick running total earnings are broken down into Total Earnings (Item + Bonus), Item Earnings, Content Bonus and a change in earnings for the previous time period (e.g. if you select last month, it will show you the change in earnings since the month before that).

  7. Published date: A much-requested feature, especially useful for when you’re downloading the .csv and analysing your data. You can also sort your earnings by published date using the ‘sort by’ filter along with ‘low to high’, with low being the earliest published item.

  8. Earnings change: As mentioned above under grand totals, this is a new column designed to give you a quick snapshot of how an item has performed against any given timeframe that you’ve set using the ‘time frame’ filter.
    Note: when the time frame is set to month-to-date, the report will show you a comparison to however many days we are into the earnings month, for example, if the current period is 1st -20th of March, then it will show you a comparison for the prior 20 days.

You can find all of this under the Item Performance tab in the Envato Author Dashboard.

Thank you once again for being on this journey with us, and providing feedback and guidance as well as letting us know what you need, so we can help you as best as possible.

We are continuously working on delivering detailed insights and information for you, and look forward to hearing how you’ve been able to utilise this dashboard.

All the best and happy authoring!

Jimmy J


Nice Jimmy

Hi Jimmy, after I tried to download the CSV files, they are not the same value as the one shown on the dashboard. Why did it happen?

Hi @GranzCreative I’ll DM you and you can walk me through what filters you’ve got on so I can find out what’s happening.

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Just replying publically to this one here to call out that the data is all good, it’s just when the .csv is generated, it does not appear in the ranked order, however, if a quick filter is applied in whatever tool you use to look at your .csv can sort by rank to solve.

Thanks @GranzCreative !

Thanks for the updates, they look great!

I’ve noticed a couple of things though:

  • Lifetime earnings go back to 13 months only

  • The publish date is the date the item got uploaded on the market, not on EE.

Hey team, I can`t access the Author Dashboard. Has anyone experience the same issue or is it only on my end? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @Digital_infusion I’ll DM you!

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Thanks for the heads up @Rickyloca I’ll see if there is any way we can get that to represent the Elements publish not just the Market publish date in the future. Also, we will look into how far back the data can go for item-level earnings. There were some changes that were made historically to some of the underlying data that enabled us to achieve the level of visibility we have today, as such it may only go back so far - I will confirm.

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Hello! Please help me figure out what my net income looks like? Which tab to watch? Thank you!

Your net will be the after tax amount.


Hi @musicant ‘After tax’ will give you your net income (earnings less taxes) and the furthest column on the right that is labelled ‘Total earnings’ shows you the your earnings for the month to date (that is item and bonus earnings combined).

The screenshot you’ve shared here is your overview, which shows the month to date Elements earnings. Below this feature there is a more detailed report that will allow you to see your earnings with much more time frame filters (again, After Tax shows net income for the selected time period).

If you use the ‘Item Performance’ tab, you’ll be able how your items have performed, however these numbers are before tax.




Hi Jimmy_J,

Thank you! Now it’s clear.

Have a nice day!


@Jimmy_J awesome, it has all the features I’ve requested, wow.

+1 for thr following issues you’ve already commented: