The Earnings Report closing and features that authors need.

Hello, @BenLeong and @Jimmy_J

Today I noticed that Envato will close old Earnings Report, and redirect everyone to new dashboard.

I will probably speak in behalf of most authors. Please, please, please migrate this panel to Envato Author Dashboard.

It’s just a much more comfortable way to view current balance on Envato Elements without the need to click several buttons (as it is now on the Author Dashboard).

Now, about several critical bugs that the graph on dashboard has. They are minor… but still.

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  1. First. Sometimes the graph just do not show up the earnings in particular day. It happens in “before tax” mode. Like here, it misses 6 January.

    And now the graph shows completely incorrect data for the whole January in “before tax” mode. Everything looks correct in “after tax”.
  2. Second. It looks like Earning Report and Author Dashboard show different amounts on “before tax”. I don’t know why, but most months differs for one or few cents. I create a small spreadsheet to show it.

    In the same time, “Envato Elements Earnings Statement” PDF files (that Envato recently starts to generate) have the same values as Earnings Report. I know, it looks like not a big deal. But those amounts I provide to my accountant, and it would be nice if they were the same everywhere. In new reality when Earnings Report stops, the graph and the generated statements will show different amounts.
    Interesting thing, that earnings after tax are the same in all 3 datasets.
  3. Oh, and almost forget. Earnings Report updates earlier for 1 day than Author Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your time. Just wanted to let you know about those thing, before you completely close Earnings Report page.


Hi, @secondfalseiteration and the rest of our Elements Authors :wave:

100% agree that this panel is super important, and we’re working hard to recreate this for the Envato Author Dashboard so it’s ready before the Earnings Report data feed stops.

I’ll take a look into what occurred on Jan 6th in those before tax earnings, and circle back regarding the small discrepancies in cents.

Thanks for letting us know, and we always welcome feedback surrounding the Dashboard experience, we want to create a place that gives you everything you need!



How about Total Earnings by Items per month ? that page means a lot to me to see the performance and analyze the items every month more simply.

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I will copy paste my post which I had written in other topic:

  1. The problem is that Earnings Report display data which is not available in the Envato Author Dashboard. I read that you want to recreate it on the Dashboard but still I would suggest the following:

To make this data available in the Envato Author Dashboard, we need to have improved Time Frame in the Item Performance>Top Earning Items by adding:

  • the custom period selection (this will increase the analytic value of the dashboard e.g. by possibility to compare item performance in each month, just like in the Earning Reports but way better)
  • deeper history than 365 days (I highly recommend full history since day 1)

  1. If we’re talking about improvements, I insist on adding new column in the Item Performance>Top Earnings. This should be: date of publishing on Elements (when “Envato Elements” Shopfront is selected) and date of publishing on the Market (when “Envato Market” Shopfront is selected). This would increase the analytic value of the Dashboard, by allowing to compare item performance in context of the item age.

Hi @Jimmy_J also, please, it’s super important for us to have the " Earnings By Items" table

because for authors who have items in partnerships, we need accurate info about each item earnings per month and be able to order them by item type! :+1:


Agreed with @Odin_Design,

Please consider this point and manage to make available “Earnings by Items” table, as some of us really need this.


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Please @Jimmy_J, Can You add “all-time” filter in the “Time Frame” field in the Item Performance / Top Earning Items - Envato Elements because " Past 365 Days " is not enought in my analysis system in a case of replacing " Earnings Report " Page with " Insights Reports " Page . It is really helpful for us

Hi all :wave: @Lage-Day @HardEdgeie @envalab @Odin_Design @RedOctopus @secondfalseiteration

Thank you all for the great feedback, we did a bunch of research prior to making the decision to close off the Earnings Report, and want to give some reassurances that we’re going to make sure that it is as undisruptive as possible, and adding value along the way when migrating features.

First I’ll share another response here that captures some of what I’m about to cover:

One of the features we’re currently developing and getting ready to put out before the cutover date for the reports; is a high-level summary on the Envato Author Dashboard, that allows you to see your month to date earnings clearly. This will be similar to what you have today in the Earnings Report and we understand that this is an important feature that needs to be replicated, as it is many authors’ morning routines to check this data.

Second thing we are looking to do is add a calendar month filter for the Top Earning Items table in the Envato Author Dashboard, to transform it closer to the Earnings By Items model.

We are also investigating the feasibility of all-time and more custom dates for these more granular reports, however, in the spirit of transparency, we have encountered some issues with performance due to the sheer volume of data that is needing to be calculated to make that a reality.

I just wanted to take a moment to reassure you that the teams delivering you the dashboard are working hard to make sure we provide you with the most valuable tool possible and your success is our #1 goal.

Thank you all for your patience and guidance through this process.



Good to hear @Jimmy_J. Did you happen to read this recent thread on transparency in Elements? Let's Talk About Transparency on Elements

I think there a few things that need some clarity in there. It’d be great to know that Envato and your team is aware of this and taking steps towards resolving the problems :pray:

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Thanks @Jimmy_J !

Yep, I totally agree it is very important.

Hi @AurusAudio & @RedOctopus I’ll take a look at that and circle back

For now, I’ve got some great news @Lage-Day @HardEdgeie @envalab @Odin_Design @RedOctopus @secondfalseiteration, as promised we have shipped Elements month-to-date quick overview in the Envato Author Dashboard to help get that morning ritual happening on the new dashboard.



Awesome. Thank you from one Jimmy to another!

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Thanks for the update @Jimmy_J

What about Item Performance tab?

We definitely need “Monthly” filter not just past xx days filter.

Please consider this as priority.


Thanks @CocoTemplates we’re checking that out as we speak.

Unfortunately new Earnings Overview has few bugs.

First, “after tax” daily earnings show zero. And I guess it will probably always be zero, because it takes values from graph, and graph “after tax” updates later (it has one day delay in comparison with “before tax”).
For the same reason, “after tax” Total Earnings doesn’t show the actual data as of February 20th (like “before tax”), it shows data for previous day February 19th.
That will be the reason for a lot of misunderstanding among authors.

Second. As it takes data from the graph, we have the same problem of the small discrepancies in cents. Data was taken from “before tax” for the same day.
Screenshot 2022-03-26 at 10.20.10 Screenshot 2022-03-26 at 10.18.23

wow that’s cool, thank you jimmy!

I can’t wait to see daily & monthly item performance display like the current dashboard. it will be very helpful for us to determine when the creative process of producing items.

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Hi @secondfalseiteration this has since been resolved!

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Agree with you too :slight_smile:

Hi all, just cross-posting this one here

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