Envato Author Dashboard - updates and feature discussion

Yeah, and where is earning by item per month? Who want to see item performance for the latest 7 days? 30 days? 90 days? We’ve got payment every month so we need to know item performance every month, just like the old dahsboard.


Exactly, who wants that… just add date range field, enough.

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Hi @envalab

Thank you for your feedback, and I’m sorry if the process of our iterating on the dashboard has felt disjointed.

First off, I can absolutely understand how some of these functionalities need improvement, we are working on making this better every day and as you may have seen through the forums are listening to author’s feedback to make improvements.

We’re going to see if there is any way that we can disable clicking on things that should not be ‘clickable’.

Why I cannot select text and do copy-paste? I do manage some calculations by my own and it require raw data from the dashboard and now I cannot do it. What’s wrong!

We have provided a detailed extract that can be downloaded via .csv so you can use the raw data in a spreadsheet or software of your choosing. Is this something you were aware of, or perhaps were you doing your calculations another way?


Why this entire row is clickable with item link? , when only item column should be clickable and linked.

This is a current limitation of the reporting tool that we are using, feedback from authors indicated the importance of the URL link, so we prioritised providing that functionality and made all of the raw data available in the downloadable .csv to copy and play around with.

It’s been long time since Envato Staff working on this Dashbard and this is what we get. Strange.
Here most of us working with Templates/Web Designs/Applications. So please please STOP doing baby-type works. It is not test-environment, we need real/solid and user-friendly Dashboard.

You are right, we’ve been on this journey for a long time, and we’re prioritising the functionality that is critical to success and responding to feedback along the way to make it better. We made the decision to use a tool that would allow us to offer a more robust data offering, however, we did have to trade off some of the aesthetics. We’re not considering this a test environment, rather we’re making iterative improvements so we can get value to our authors sooner.

We are also about to release a better, more detailed Item Earnings breakdown with monthly and custom time parameters as well as other important data that can also be downloaded as a .csv.

Thank you again for your feedback and let’s work together to make this the tool that you want!



Hi Jimmy, in case you missed the post in the other thread:

What about number of downloads and pageviews?

Hi @AurusAudio, thanks for flagging this one - I’ll also reply in the other thread too.

We are working on a few things at the moment first, most notably the improvements to the earnings report that have been requested. From there we’re going to be getting into overhauling ‘Item Performance’; exploring things such as views, and some sort of conversion rates (which will likely be downloads and views) as well as search performance i.e. how does your item perform in customer search by looking at things like impressions and lots more.


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Thanks @Jimmy_J ! What about the " Earnings By Items" table we mentioned in our first comment? We really do need this!! As we mentioned before, some of our items are from partnerships, so we need accurate info about each item earnings per month and be able to order them by item type! :+1: Without this, it makes it impossible to calculate and divide per item earnings of the month!!


Hello, sorry if there is something obvious that I am missing… but how can I see how much I am earning during the current month, for example, during the six days of April?

Is it me or was it much clearer before when I entered the Earnings Report website?

Thank you!

Please keep the previous Earning Report up and running. It is more useful and user-friendly to me and some other authors. I use this report everyday while I visit new Dashboard once a weak. Also, I still do not have faith in new dashboard values, as it provides difference After and Before Tax values.

Please please keep previous Earning Reports activate if it’s not that harmful.



The old Elements dashboard is good and enough to some of us, would you please consider keeping it running ? Also, i think the earning report is wrong on the new dashboard because i earned only 0.7$ on elements yesterday ( march 3rd earnings) which is impossible.


Thanks Jimmy.

There’s one other concern I have - the Top Licensed Items section is still displaying old track titles long after I changed them. Will this affect performance stats or earnings calculations in any way?

Hope you’re noticing, how people supporting this reply because they all wants to have the previous Earning Report up and running. Please try to consider this. Thanks



Honestly I’m very happy with the old dashboard, because

1. Income report per item (1 month)
2. Good user interface
3. Neat table

You can simply add

1. CSV Download
2. Search bar for the item, so we can easily repair old items
3. Link/URL to the item.

Please don’t create a new issue, you’re bringing together Envato Market and Envato Elements into one dashboard. heavy loads, think about the millions of files on Envato Market from 2006 to 2022.


some items that have been approved are missing in the public profile. why?

The report is now updated, but content bonus is missing for March 3rd and 4th! What happened with that? @BenLeong :thinking: Besides, we miss the old earning report dashboard, as many authors! Everything was better and clear to analyse. We hope you can reconsider this change. Kind regards!


Same here. @BenLeong there’s no content bonus for March 3rd and 4th. I don’t know, maybe Dashboard is still updating. Any info about this?


me too :frowning:

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The new one has a very messy UI and not comfortable to interact with


Please, keep the old one live.

Now, I must visit/check things on 2 places - earnings at the new one + my items in the old one (to check if the items are approved, make updates, etc…).

I think that from the start it was a bad idea to create a new dashbord - you should just add more pages/menu items in the old one.