Switching off the 'Beta' Author Dashboard - Item Performance tab now available in new dashboard

Hi Jimmy,

  1. Can you tell me please, what the “Trends and Insights” tab shows exactly? Is it only for Elements, or may be only for Market, or may be both for Market and Elements together?
  2. In the “Top Licensed Items” tab, is it possible to make real concrete numbers of item downloads next to the diagram columns that only show some relative values?
  3. In the “Top Earning Items” tab is it possible to make possible to choose your own time frame?

Way from … Beat Author Dashboard was superb. I can not say this for new DB. No way.

Hi @az_studio,

Trends and Insights tab is currently only for Elements, it will evolve over time to be more inclusive of Market content with perhaps a separate tab, however, today this represents Elements customer data.

For your other two questions regarding concrete numbers and custom timeframes, due to the sheer volume of data, this can cause performance issues, so we’ve been experimenting on how best to overcome this. As a priority, we are looking to represent Top Earning Items per calendar month based on feedback.


@Primus1 @az_studio @CocoTemplates @EvalMiko :wave:

We’ve added the quick overview for Elements earnings to the Envato Author Dashboard.

All the best,


Thank you for the answers and updates, will check them.

If to speak about the period - the most we can choose now is “past 365 days”, so it is somewhy impossible to see for example 1,5 or 2 past years and more. And the period “past 365 days” is actually diffrent every day. So it’s no so flexible.

Thanks a lot Jimmy, it really works well and very usefull. Great job :slight_smile: I love envato, one of few places worth contributing content to…very supportive and helpful community.Thank you thank you :wink:

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Jimmy, thank you for your message and for this nice improvement! I like it, personally.

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Hi Jimmy, on the new dashboard (Sign In | Envato Account) I’ve got the following mesage today:

Can you help me please with this?

I’m getting the same error page

Same to me

Same error

Hey would be nice that at least old links were redirected properly. I still cant remember new dashboard address (by the way it would be nice if you search for it on google “envato elements author dashboard” results lands you directly into upload page.)

Hi all, sorry about the interruption.

Our team is doing some maintenance on the Envato Author Dashboard, and we will be getting it back up shortly after the weekend.

The page should now also be showing the correct maintenance page and not the ‘permission required’ page.

Don’t forget you can subscribe to updates on https://status.envato.com/.

I’ll circle back when the page is back up and running.

p.s. @Bokstas, thanks for the feedback we’re looking at ways to make it way more accessible and create some more universal navigation across all of your author tools.



@Jimmy_J will there be an update for 28 of February on the old earnings report? Since it’s not updated yet


Hi. Earnings also freezed

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Hi @Jimmy_J
Can we keep the current Earnings Report from Elements? I like this more than the new Author Reports Dashboard because of the thumbnails and because it’s easier to see monthly earnings in an instance.


Thanks Jimmy, I look forward for the new dashboard to live again :slight_smile:

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So, when is this going to start to work?

Dear Jimmy,
So why was the earnings update stopped? 28 Feb