Earnings Report Discussion (April 2022)

No update today again?

Hi all, just cross-posting this one here.

I think the numbers were finally fixed, because my earnings were below average (a lot) and suddenly it’s back to normal, as if I had earned 3x more in a single day


Maybe someone knows the answer to the question. Why authors do not have access to the number of downloads of the item. I mean, we have all sorts of trends, earnings per day, bonuses, etc. But we do not have data on how many people visited the page of the item and how many downloaded it. Why?



Could you shed some light on this?



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+1 @Jimmy_J


EE earnings got updated on the very 1st day of the month a couple of times, and I remember I made something like 0.20-0.40 $ per item…while on VH it would have been well over 1k worth of sales.
Every month I also have multiple items that made 0.00$ :sweat_smile:
I mean these numbers are already ridicolous like this don’t make it worse :joy:




One more question, maybe someone knows. Main Add-ons (any category) page. I see “Sort by Popular” items. But what does that mean? How is this list formed? And why does it practically not change for months and years? Thanks for answers and discussion.

:wave: I’ll try to get more info about the other questions raised in this thread, but I’m just popping in to let everyone know that the Author Dashboards are now back online again.

Please keep an eye on https://status.envato.com/ for more information about downtime for any Envato services - the incident page for this outage can be seen here. We took the dashboard offline on April 1 due to an issue with a third-party service that we use to display the reporting data. It’s operational again now, but we are continuing to monitor it closely.

I’ll notify everyone via a new forum thread when any changes occur. We anticipate a few hours of downtime during a system upgrade, but no date has been set for that.


Another question Ben


To low 03 march 2022, only $0.xx
Is normal ?


It is still not full updated for 3rd March.


Same here

Does anybody know what happened on the 28th of Feb?
I got like 3.5x the daily average…Am I the only one?