Earnings Report discussion (September 2022)

Earnings Report looks updated now…but good bye Content Bonus, we will really miss you sooooooo much :pensive:


Is it from this month that it stops?

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Hi all. Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been out sick for the last few days.

The earnings report is now up to date, showing daily earnings up to August 4th.

There’s often a delay in showing the daily earnings calculations at the start of a month. When the system catches up, each “missing” earning day is displayed on the dashboards as normal.

The final day for the Elements Content Bonus payments was July 31st, which you should be able to see in your dashboard - from August 1, the Earnings graph will show Market and Elements earnings (if appropriate) for each day.


Thank you and get well

Hi @BenLeong thanks for the update and hope you get better soon. Try some Cann@bis sativa it’s got wonderful healing powers.

my earnings are so low :frowning: I dont know whats going on… something needs to be done about this :frowning:


earnings are going down, review is taking forever and I’m facing arbitrary rejection. Looks like my days as an Envato author are coming to an end, sadly


Low earning + No bonus = disaster :frowning_face: low earnings killing my motivation to keep going in selling digital goods… hope things get better like in the old days but I start losing my optimism :expressionless:


I think that Envato should review its business model. Elements market is not a big deal for software developers, it might fit the need of audio/graphic developers. I’ve already removed some of my top-selling software from Elements.

It should rather improve the CodeCanyon business model. No more lifetime updates and implement a convenient multiple licenses offer.


It seems that there are some issues in the upload process for motion graphics.
All the descriptions of my last items are corrupted:
First, in the upload process for MG we can only write the description that goes to VH and I normally use HTML…but there’s no HTML at all and it’s just a mess.
Second, I automatically got the description displayed on EE without even writing it!
How is it possible that I got a description on EE when we must write it manually?
Even in the Edit tab, the text is empty…
I tried to manually edit one description, it didn’t went through and in the History tab I read a bunch of “external change and approval”???
Did I miss something? :sweat_smile:

I’ve also checked the last MG uploads on VH and EE and all seems to have the same issues…

Does anybody have the same problem?
Already opened a ticket and waiting for response though!

Needless to say that those items made ZERO sales on EE since they are online…coincidences? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I have the same “external change and approval” in History multiple times for new motion graphics since September 12, if I add item to collection, or I add recommended collection, which I do for every new video. Not only that, I get also 4-6 notification emails regarding “approval” of that change. My inbox was loaded the other day, it kept coming for each new item every 10-20 minutes, even hours later over and over again. Very strange.

In a nutshell:

almost 4 years of contributing consistently, earnings today are the same as 2 months into joining EE!

Market isn’t any different:

What happened?


Here too. I ‘work’ here for about $1-2 per day. Coffe here is $0.4. Calculate then. :slight_smile: Tax 30%. As I mention elsewhere on forum; a lot of authors will simply quit. No other solution. As it looks now. We shall see what end of crisis brings. In 2023-2024 and beyond. I put a lot of new energy, hopes in Web 3.0. Google what this is. Best, P1.

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Same situation on CodeCanyon market here:


I’m earning less than my first year, 2016 in which my portfolio counted half the product I have now. Without counting that the feature the products had were half of the ones they now have.

Elements dropped by 50%

Any word from above would be greatly appreciated @BenLeong


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