Earnings Report Discussion (January 2022)

I have an increase in earnings for November. The income level reached the level of June. Hope December will be just as good. Good luck everyone!

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My author report is not working. anybody else having the same issue?

And my page does not open :kissing_closed_eyes:

i can’t open The Envato Author Dashboard

@StudioEtude @RedMoodStudio @bilalmarri this is back up and running again, sorry about that.


December 2021 Earnings Report Updated


Hi. Is this for one day or two?

It is for 2 days, December 1 & 2

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Thank you!

So far good report for December. Although review time is long, but it can not always be perfect. I am also very pleased with items I choose and review team, that has done superb job this time! All best items are selected so far. Many thanks for great review!!!
December will be good, looking very much forward at January.
All the best in 2022 to all. :wink:


December was Horrible for me. :disappointed_relieved:
Hope that this January will give a good number. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


i lost my content bonus…how do i get it back?

You constantly uploaded new works and did not receive a content bonus ?! Write to the support service, of course, if you really published new works in accordance with the terms of the Elements

Upload more content!

Does anyone know the card processing gateway envator uses…I want to integrate it with my website

how can i calculate my triple reward earnings? any idea

Take a cat. Stare into his eyes and feel what number comes to you. Divide it by how many cats there are in the universe, multiply it by how many planets there are within 50 light years, and then multiply it by three. That will result in a number that has absolutely nothing to do with your triple rewards.


My earnings for November and December are much lower than the previous months. There are new items every month, but unfortunately earnings are getting lower. It’s a bit sad that over time I should earn more and earn less.

Maybe someone has any idea how to fix it? I believe wages for January will improve. I had a similar situation a year ago, but not as drastic as it is now.


Earnings from subscribers are halved past 2-3 months?! Anyone has the same experience?

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More people joining elements (including me as one of them) and they take their slice from the cake. Thats it