Let's Talk About Transparency on Elements

Hi all,

I wanted to start this topic as I feel there are a few key bits of information we’re missing out on as Elements authors.

I’ll start: how many of you would like to see how many downloads you’re getting on each item? I can’t think of any reason why they’d hide this from us other than that it would be off-putting. That said, I think the info is handy as it shows us which genres / categories are attracting mainstream subscribers, and therefore shed light on more niche areas where we could be making more per-download.

Do you agree?

Beyond that, similar to the AudioJungle front page, I’m seeing the same few faces (won’t name any names) appear over and over again in front of others in the search results. Is this something you’re noticing? Almost as if there are some ‘favourites’ around :wink:

What else would you like to see made more transparent?


Just to add to the second point, here are some Archive.org screenshots showing the ‘audio’ front page of Elements, sorted by the default ‘Popular’. Why is it that we’re seeing the exact same authors every single time, for years and years in a row?

Zoom into your browser and have a look at these images…

March 2019:

November 2019:

March 2020:

September 2020:

March 2021:

September 2021:

Present day:

Nearly always the same select set of authors. Why?

Additionally, here’s a search of ‘upbeat’ back in April 2021:

And here’s the same search right now:

Nearly a full year apart and 2/3rds of the page with the exact same tracks?

When they’ve made the last update/changes on the dashboard,there was an info about how many downloads per track (for the most downloaded 20 tracks I think) but it was there about a say or two and then magically disappeared :slight_smile: and about the popular files totally agree for years the same songs and authors ( some even inactive) but they probably don’t care much about that ,how else would you describe that a Christmas song is the most popular song for a year and a half now , absurd


Maybe @Jimmy_J can help with this?

@EightBallAudio are you sure? Number of downloads? I only get rank change

Sorry for the confusion. I thought you were referring to rank change. Unfortunately I never saw the actual download numbers.

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I have exactly same thoughts regarding the transparency. I was going to write about it one day.


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Here is the 2nd page of After Effects projects. Sorting: Popular.

And here is the 2nd page of Premiere Pro projects. Sorting: Popular.


I (and other authors) have been asking this since “forever”. the items are pretty much the same for years now. the Featured Items are also the same selection since forever :confused:

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For the life of me, I can’t completely wrap my head around the Elements compensation formula. Theoretically, I understand it, but practically? Detailed download (and earnings per download) information would be very helpful.

My other main concern is the long-term sustainability of Elements, specifically with regard to audio. From December 2019 to December 2020, the number of audio items available grew from roughly 20,000 to around 65,000. From December 2020 to December 2021, it grew from around 65,000 to almost 108,000. And over the past 2.5 months, it’s grown to a little over 113,000.

Without knowing precisely how many new authors are added, how many new items they bring with them, and how many new subscribers join, let’s just say it raises certain concerns as to if and how author earnings can be maintained or even better, grow substantially. So transparency in this area, as well as the others mentioned in the original post, would be of great value to authors.

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I’m not interested in knowing the numbers of downloads to be honest.
We all sold our souls to the devil the day we joined EE in exchange of an extra income.

What can we expect from unlimited downloads? I mean, subscribers can potentially download entire portfolios and the author would still make15$ max… :exploding_head:
Everything was clear since day 1, we all knew it and we joined anyway.

How to make more per download? We need loyal subscribers that download only our files.
Problem is that no one would subscribe to EE for downloading only from 1 user, having unlimited downloads available.
If 1 subscriber downloads from 10 different authors, it doesn’t matter how many items are downloaded, the maximum each author would make from that subscriber would be 1,5$…
So with 1 download per author you make 1.5$ per download, with 10 downloads per author you make 0,15$ per download…and so on.

This is how consumers in this industry have been educated in the last years, and it’s only going to get worse, very fast.
They are already tired of unlimited dowloads and some websites are offering free downloads, soon is going to be the standard to get things for free until the day that even free won’t be enough and we’ll be the ones who will pay people to use our stuff…watch out it could be a trap! :joy: