what's with elements?

I have become a featured artist, and one of my tracks was one of the best selling stock items in 2023

What do i do more to be invited to elements??

do you think this is fair?

@KingDog @BenLeong

You do know it’s the same for thousands of music authors, don’t you? Nothing special about your case.

Staff said they were sending out new invites slowly. Thing is, the more authors are invited to join, the lower the share of those authors.

Elements is not a happy story. In the end everybody loses.


Well, i just made my point. Being the author of the one of the best selling item of 2023 makes it somewhat special.

And i am not here to argue with another author.
Thanks for your thoughts.

From what I understand from recent updates is that they are meticulously trying to fill gaps in the overall content offering and that is the initial trigger that determines the scope in which they are trying to find suitable authors.

I do think you deserve a chance as well as many others.

Hopefully many invites will follow!

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:astonished: :hear_no_evil:

He was also not accepted into the Elements…


But he looks like a guy who has a brigher future than yours.

Our future is unknown to anyone.
But whimpering and lamenting is the last thing.

Thank you for this great life lesson.
From now on, noone will whimper and lament you highness.

By the way, maybe being respectful to someone you don’t even know instead of trying to mock of him would be better for the world and for all of us.