Is this a typo or did Elements just add 600,000 audio items??

The audio homepage track count went from around 133,000+ to 733,000+ overnight.

@BenLeong - Can you shed some light?


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Hi @EightBallAudio! I’m not sure why those are being shown under “Music” - the 733k number is the total Audio library size right now, with the majority of those items coming from SFX.

The last sudden jump in the total number of SFX items was a little over a year ago, with that category growing pretty steadily (~50k items over the year) since then.

I’ll check with the Search & Discovery team to find out what’s going on :slight_smile:

EDIT: Looks like a caching issue - some recent changes to the way “item count” totals are cached appears to have caused this one, with both Music and SFX showing the total for the parent category. The team is following up on this now.


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