Audio is Live

Hey Everyone.

It’s rolling out across the world, Audio is now live on Elements! Thank you to all the authors who have contributed their tracks to make this happen.

If you have feedback on the user experience or questions about the rollout, please post them here. We’ll pass along your thoughts to our product teams so they can take it into account as they fix bugs and plan future iterations of the experience.

Thanks again!


Tracks duration is not showing

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It’s actually showing where you are in the track when you hit play, not the total duration. Total duration would be helpful, too, of course.

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@Muse-Master & @StudioMonkey - well spotted! An update for this has just been applied, and should be visible on the page in a moment.

Tracks will now show the total length of each item, unless that item preview is currently being played - in that case, it will revert back to 0:00 and count up as the track progresses. Here’s what it now looks like:

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New Sign in was not good - now i have to hit sign in every time - can you add option “sign in until i manually sign out” ?
(its signing out just after closing the elements tab)

Edit : also its signing out when switching to

(Scroll down to footer - hit author sign in,
Scroll down to footer - hit author sign in,
Scroll down to footer - hit author sign in,
Scroll down to footer - hit author sign in,
Scroll down to footer - hit author sign in,
Scroll down to footer - hit author sign in,
i have done this more then 10 times today)

some one should focus on contributors UI/UX too :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news!

Will we get to see any earnings / stats at the end of November?

Till i remember, you´ll get the first stats/earning in January.
Because Elements calculate every new client on a entire month (the suscription day) since they subscribe.
If they subscribe the last day of November it is counting for November. The client downloads in December, but it counts for November.
I hope i explained well.

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Hey, I’m surely missing something lol but my tracks on elements show that I have no PRO affiliation, while I have it.
Also I can’t see any of my items in my Element contributor page.

I spoke to @Jimmy_J about that today and apparently it’s normal. Something to do with the way the site is set up at the moment.

Argh the wait’s gonna kill me :smiley:

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Probably the contributor page needs to be updated, yes, but I still wonder about the lack of PRO for my portfolio.

Yes I noticed that too for some other authors that were definitely affiliated with a PRO. Probably a minor bug.

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You will get your report in the first half of December. But it will be only from subscribers who paid during the period of 14 - 31 October. Because only those people have access to your items.

As far as I know this page should be empty, because it represents only items that were uploaded on Elements directly (not from Envato market).

Same here.

Also, some of our usernames (mine included) don’t populate our music when searched, whereas some other usernames work fine. Just thought I’d mention.

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Another bug – when you filter by tempo and pick “very slow”, a bunch of tracks show up as having a bpm of 1. Not to sound snippy, but shouldn’t this stuff have been tested with us before launching? Even a day and we could have caught these bugs.

Thanks MorningLightMusic, we’ve brought this to the attention of our engineers.

We’ve got this already identified internally and are working on ideas to fix this up. Thanks for sharing.


I was told that sound effects are going to be transferred to the Elements automatically. However, when I log into my Elements dashboard, I see no items of mine under the “My items” page.
What is going on?

This are your items on Elements:

I think you don’t see it in your dashboard because this part need to be updated by envato (someone has already asked on forum about that)

Thanks for the question. When Elements was first built, we thought that we’d be creating a whole separate upload experience for it. The idea was that you could be an author on Elements without needing to be an author on Market.

As we began to develop it though, we realized that many of our authors would be on Market anyway and our setup would require authors to ‘double upload’ all their items. We didn’t think this was something authors would want to do. So, we adapted our approach. Some authors have their items brought over automatically (in stock categories like footage, motion graphics, photos, sound effects) and others check a box on their item pages in market to bring them over.

The way the contributor app works is that it only recognizes items that have been directly uploaded to it. In this case, that’s graphics, graphic templates, fonts, add-ons, etc. The group of item types Elements launched with.

It’s something we try to keep you across through the onboarding emails we send out and over time we’d like to improve the experience. No promises that it will happen tomorrow but there’s some background into why some people cannot see their items in the contributor app while others can.

If you are looking for your items, you can always head to the front-end of elements ( and look at your author portfolio/profile page to see all the items that are available.

Thanks again for the great question!