Eden - Envato Sales Tracker 1.0 released on iOS! 🎉

Hi everyone! :wave:

For the past two months, I’ve been working on a new sales and earnings tracker for iOS. It’s called Eden and it’s been finally approved on the App Store! It’s my first time releasing an app there, so I would love to get some feedback. I encourage you to try it and let me know what you think. :blush:

I’m also open for some feature requests, I’ve a lot of ideas but would be awesome to hear some from you guys, since the app is aimed at you.

This are some of the current features:

  • Push notifications for new sales
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Current balance, followers count, etc.
  • Earnings chart (daily, monthly or yearly)
  • Statements (sales, author fees, purchases, withdrawals, etc.)
  • List of marketplaces and items
  • Detailed item earnings and sales
  • Monthly best-selling items
  • Country, region and city leaderboards
  • Offline mode

Here is the link to the App Store: Eden - Envato Sales Tracker

And some screenshots:

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The design is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Incredibly well built mate! Love it! Do have one questions though. Do you plan on adding notifications for new sales? That would make this the best app for Envato I’ve personally ever seen! :heart_eyes:

PS: One simple thing. The statement doesn’t load… tried the demo account, but the actual account won’t load. Stuck at the Statement checkmark.

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Hey @Enabled, thanks a lot for your feedback! :+1: I’m surely adding notifications but I’m still figuring out how to do that.

If you have a lot sales, it may take more time to fetch all the data. I’m also thinking new ways of fetching all the data to avoid waiting for too long for authors with a big amount of sales.

Awesome! I suggest to add the sales for the previous year, and adding the option to add new data “by request”?

I’ve been waiting for 1 hour on WiFi and it’s still not completed yet. Still on the statement page. Also, if I close the app while it’s fetching the app will crash until reinstalling! Cheers mate! Awesome design all round!

Your suggestion sounds great, I will try to fix it ASAP!

You rock mate! By far the best app out there! Cheers mate!

Hi @AnderGoig

I am not the author, but it looks great!

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You need an application for buyers, bookmarks, favorites, notes. Eden+ :grin:

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Thanks @AlekseyZhdanov! That sounds great :sweat_smile:, I will think about if I have some spare time!


Muchas gracias @AnderGoig :wink:

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Thanks i will try it for sure!

Thanks @miseld!

Congrats mate!

This is by far the best app and the design is amazing!

Please keep updating the app.
Would really love to see sales notification added to it.
Suggestion: add the “better envato” sound to the notifications.

Cheers! :grin::v:

Thank you @gnodesign! Appreciate that :+1: I’ll consider your suggestion :sweat_smile:

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For some reason it’s stuck on loading statements, earnings & sales.
Iphone 6, iOS 11.2.5

Thanks @miseld, I’m aware of that problem I’m trying to fix it as soon as possible.

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Hello! Cool looking app!:clap: Does it support push notifications? Is it possible?


Thank you @PhreaSpirit! Unfortunately, it doesn’t support push notifications yet.

I also have an app on CodeCanyon that is web-based and it is similar to yours.

It has email notifications on each sale, for all Envato branches.

I cannot post the link here because it will be shameless self promotion.

cheers !

Nah mate, you’re an old bloke in this forum like myself. Keep your screen on and give it 25 minutes, we have a lot of stuff in our statements and that takes some serious time. Took mine well over 20 minutes to setup initially, but now it’s working like a charm!

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