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Hi everyone,

This is a mobile application tracking new sales for Envato Author. It was developed by our team PassionUI. It’s Free for use now and supports both Android/IOS devices.

SaleBolt is a mobile application for Envato Author who need tracking new sales from the Envato Market fastest by the mobile push notification. The SaleBolt application also supports both Android/Ios and one account can be used with multiple devices so that you or your team can track new sales from Envato Market together. The SaleBolt application can be used for tracking all marketplaces like ThemeForest, GraphicRiver, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, PhotoDune and AudioJungle.


Track New Sales

Get an instant Mobile Push Notification when the buyer purchases your item on Envato market. Your total sales and total total earning also will be updated via the mobile application

Multiple Devices Use

You can login to any number of devices with one Evanto Author account. If you’re working as a team or your agencies, then you can share Envato new sales income with them.

Multiple Accounts Use

You can log in one device with any Evanto Author account. It helps you track new sales with flexible work. If you’re working with many groups or teams and want to track Envato new sales, this feature is suitable for you.

Support Android/Ios

The SaleBolt application is a Cross-Platform App. It’s a convenient way for you to track Envato new sales with many kinds of devices Android/Tablet/Iphone and Ipad.


The SaleBolt application can report your total incomes by advance filtering daily/weekly/month. You also can review all your sales, author fees, purchases, withdrawals, etc.

Offline Mode

You can use the SaleBolt application without having an active network connection. It’s very useful when you do not have Internet connection and want to review your income.


Dose the application stores your ID and password ?
No, it doesn’t. The application is using OAuth authentication flow from Envato Market. When you will login in the app by Envato Market authentication

Can I use for both Android and iOS devices ?
Yes, the SaleBolt application supports both Android and iOS devices.

Can I share the account with my team or agencies ?
Yes, the SaleBolt application supports multiple device use. It’s suitable when you need share total earning to review with your team or your agencies

Can I use the same account on multiple devices simultaneously?
Between supports multi-device usage so you can be logged in on multiple devices simultaneously.

Privacy Policy

Download URL


this looks interesting


Thanks for posting first of all!

Don’t know if you’re the author of the product, but I would personally not use any third party app anymore regarding sales and statistics of my account.

How would I know what the author of the app does with our sales data before displaying it?

There already was a really great Envato app for iOS, stopped using it especially for this reasons: privacy.

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There has been some posts on the forum earlier that you can achieve this by using some free scripts that you can see the all coding.

Only one minor thing I’d like to know / see the source. Where is the data stored. No offence, you don’t seem to have a buyer or author account concerns me from a privacy point of view. :blush:

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Hi @AltumCode

  • We recent updated the Privacy Policy page and related information
  • We also published IOS app, now it supports both Android and IOS app

Don’t know if you’re the author of the product, but I would personally not use any third party app anymore regarding sales and statistics of my account.

  • The application word regarding to Envato API policy. The application doesn’t store your ID and password and login via Envato site.
  • Actually, as developer when I can tracking your total sales and statistics by web crawler technique without use this app. We’re also author, we developed it and we share it.


  • You may couldn’t found the mobile app tracking new sales for Envato Author support both Android/Ios in this forum. So we made this application :slight_smile:


  • We updated our landing page :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments

I totally know that you can track my sales with a public web crawler, but you will never know which licenses have been purchased and what is my exact finance statement. On the other hand, by giving you my access key, you will be able to access much more detailed stats and store them in your database.

Even if your code is open source, I wouldn’t use it, as I can’t know what you will do with our data. Even if you do not have any bad intentions, your server / database can be compromised and we (authors) have a higher chance of leaking important and personal information, just because our data is in “your hands”.

High props to you for building an amazing looking app, no comments on that side, it looks great! It’s just my personal opinion regarding the privacy of my data.

@AltumCode thanks for your comment :+1:

will the app be free?

Only built for iPad in the Appstore? hmm

Yes, it’s :slight_smile:

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It’s supporting Ipad and Iphone also for android devices

I can only see the iPad app on Europe AppStore :thinking:

it is a pity that the Russian language is not supported

We will add it in next release version :grinning:

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@AtypicalThemes, @Ycdp are you looking for android app for tracking new sales. It’s for you

thank you very much for updating the app and for adding the Russian language

Good app. But it displays wrong number of sales, probably because of using local time zone instead of Australian.

UPD: I had 4 sales from North Korea :scream:

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@secondfalseiteration, we will update more function support the local timezone base on user’ device instead of AUS timezone

@StudioProject don’t forget give us rating :grinning:

already rated :grinning:

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