Best Mobile App for Envato to show sales

Dear Brothers,
i Just would like to share one of the best apps that i have tested and i am still using it to follow up my sales on envato. It’s really making so happy when i receive a new push notification of new Sales (WOW!!!).


I recommend this app for all envato authors. it has a lot of features, such as:

  1. Daily Sales
  2. Monthly Sales chart
  3. Total Sales
  4. Best part is the notifications u receive for the sales
  5. and much more…

I like other people to buy it it’s not free but it do worth it.

Do u recommend any other apps?

Where this app can be found?

It’s iphone app you can find it in apple store

There’s a new app completely written for Envato Authors, and yes, it has push notifications alongside a lot of other features. If anyone is interested, message me.

Cannot post the link here, cause it’s called “self promotion”.


It costs 199,99. I think it’s too expensive)