App for Envato sale notifications - Need feedback


An app that notifies when a sale happens seemed missing. So I went ahead and created one!
I have been using this app for the last year and it is working very reliably.

I have put it out on Google Play Store (I call it “EnvatoBeep”):

I was selling this app (with source code) on CodeCanyon at a price tag of USD 18. It saw very little sales. Price could have been a key issue.

Currently, I am selling this app for about 2 USD in order to support continued development. I must say the app is fairly addictive and one starts longing for the kachinngg sound that it makes :blush:

The Envato community is an awesome community and I have learnt a lot from it in the past. it would be extremely helpful if you folks head over to the Play store link and check the app out.

I am looking specifically for the following feedback:

  • Are there any specific features that are missing in the app but you wished there were included ?
  • Is the price tag reasonable ?
  • Currently its an Android-only app. Is there interest for an iPhone app ?


Yes, iOS would be great to try!

No offense intended, but I’d be more interested in trying a trial version before paying.

Most of these past attempts at this have been horrible. A complete failure and useless.

It’s not a lot of money, but I think without a trial it’s not going to get a lot of attention.

My opinion, you’d better your chances going forward if more users were able to give it a trial and feedback.

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I would agree! Give it to people for tryout with probably some limited additional functions, and they’d be happy to pay you even more if there’s great value.

@OlexandrIgnatov : Noted. Stay tuned for iOS.

@OWMLabs : Thanks for leaving a feedback. Here we go with the free trial version! Let us know what you think:


  • Identical to the Full version app
  • Free
  • No advertisements
  • Just, limited number of “kachings” ^-^

Have fun!

P.S.: To get started:
Get an API key from your Envato page: Settings --> API Keys -->Generate key
Specifiy username, key in the app to get going!

Seems like a useful one. If there will be iOS version, I would definitely buy it.


So I’ve just downloaded the App and it looks great. Only just installed it though.

Just out of curiosity, is all it does is “Kachinngg” when you get a sale?

Is there any plan to incorporate other account related functions like comments, ratings, etc?

Not sure how interested I’d be in paying to hear “Kachinngg” when I get a sale :slightly_smiling:

Though I suppose it’s always nice to know I’m making money online, it seems pointless for someone like myself, who is in one way or another always near a computer or device that is already capable of seeing my Envato balance.

Just trying to share some thoughts and insights, that others too may find beneficial to this app.

Also, the background image, would be neat if there was an ability to change it, or personalize it.

In your screenshot for the App, I see a second screen, is this not available on the free version? Just curious as I’m trying to explore the app a little more thoroughly and only see this one main page and then of course setup.

Thanks! Looks promising!

The “Kachinngg!” just about gave me a heart attack! Haha!!

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Besides the author info badges displayed on the main screen the app shows:

  • Net earnings
  • Net sales count
  • Followers count


Per Sale Details

  • Item name
  • DateTime of sale
  • Earnings from sale

Yes it is available in free version too. To see this screen:
Long press the yellow bell button

Thanks for the feedback!

In beta (coming soon):

  • Unread comments count
  • Quick link to Envato dashboard
  • Monthly sales chart
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How many free Kachinnggs? :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for the reply! Looks very promising!

Enough to get addicted :blush:


Hello again!

Just an update on things during my trial:

It’s a nice app. Enjoy knowing on-the-fly when there has been a sale. Somewhat encouraging!

There are some issues with the notifications:

    The above screenshot shows the notification being cut off on my Android (Note 3).

  2. Notifications seem to be delayed quite a bit. Hours, verses minutes.
    I often receive the notification within 3-5hrs of the sale being made on Envato.

Honestly though, I don’t feel it’s enough for me to have interest in paying for it.

While there’s convenience in knowing my items have had sales, it’s not something I see being a benefit, or a resource I can use outside the fact I’ve just been notified of a sale. There are free apps out there that do that already, plus, it’s rather simple to check from a mobile whether there have been sales or not recently.

If you expanded it’s use, show comments, allowed for replies, see ratings, etc. Maybe it would be of more interest to me and while it’s not a lot of money for the paid version, I just don’t see it’s benefit to me.

I share this feedback because you asked and I feel the best way to be productive and move in the right direction, is share my feelings with honesty. It’s a great little app, there’s definitely potential in it, but I just don’t see a benefit that weighs my interest in paying for it.

Hope it helps. All the best and good luck!

@OWMLabs: Thanks for that detailed update. Much appreciate it.

Noted. Will add more device screen sizes to the supported repertoire.

This is a relic of the demo version only. The full version faithfully notifies upon kachinggg :blush: (and it usually does so within seconds but rarely takes minutes)

The following features are in the pipeline:

  • Comments count
  • Comments screen
  • Star rating

Thanks :blush: