Desktop App to View Envato Sales statement and Earnings!!

Our friend at RBSoft( created an app for us to track the sales of our products.

Overall Features of the Software:-

  • Calculate Partner Shares according to given %.
  • Track statements from multiple Accounts.
  • Envato Sales statement with auto refresh feature.
  • Track your sales on Envato market for all your items. Generate daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report.
  • Export customizable CSV file.

You can generate daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report. It uses an API key generated on to get the sales data automatically. Check out following video to see it in action. This post is for demo purpose and to know how many authors are interested in the app. Share your thoughts about the application.

You can download this app from the following location.

If you want to see the source code you can use the following link.

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Hello PerfectusInc,

Just to mention that, I have been using this software since last week and all I can say that it is Super Awesome!! Previously I had to stay logged in to track my sales and view the earnings. But now with this Desktop software there is no need to do that. Just open the software and all your sales statement and earnings gets fetched easily from my Envato account. I must say that this software is what every author needs and has all the features that default Envato statements tab and earnings tabs are missing.!! It uses your Envato account API so there is no fear spam or any scam. Just go for it and you won’t regret!!

Thank you,

You can download this app from following location.