Getting sales information for an individual project

The challenge for me is this:
It is necessary at the end of each month to receive information on the sales of one project from my portfolio.
Data Required: Purchases, Item sales.
Like in my portfolio page.
Is it possible with the envato api?

I could use this query, followed by a search for a specific product, but that doesn’t quite suit me:

I don’t know if there will be errors in the calculations if there are returns for the previous months on the product. And I would like to receive a request for a specific product, and not for all that I have.

There’s no endpoint as far as I’m aware that easily lists the info you’re looking for, so it depends - do you just want the number of sales, or do you want the earnings as well?

If you need the number of sales and earnings, then you can use, which will list all unrefunded sales for all of your items. You’ll need to write code to look for the specific item ID that you want to track.

If you only need the number of sales, you can use and track the sales count each month, comparing it to previous month’s in order to find the difference (you will need to save the previous month’s count somewhere).

For the number of sales booth solution are good. Thanks!
But the main thing I need is the sale of Items in dollars.

In that case, you’ll unfortunately have to use and filter out all the other items. There doesn’t appear to be an easier way.

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Thanks! I will work with it.

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