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@secondfalseiteration we updated version 1.0.4
Please access the tab menu Account > Settings > Local Timezone

Thanks. But after update I can’t login in, because app think I use multiple devices. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for response
We have updated new verwion 1.0.4 please update and re login again.
If you can’t login please let us know.

Hi @wem2017,

Congratz on the APP. :slight_smile:

Any plans on adding widget support on the Android version like Ensales? Would be great and I am sure it would benefit a lot of users.

SaleBolt new version available!

  • Improve performance statement process.
  • Improve Remove Admob reward.
  • Allow share QRCode and log in via QRCode without an account.
  • Fix the notification badge issue.
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SaleBolt new version available!

  • Fix Duplicate count sale Report/Earning ThemeForest item
  • iOS Widget supported Lasted Sale, Report by Period

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Great app!

One feature request please and I think it will very useful.

Can you add the ability to select time zone? I would like my time zone to be the same as Envato(Melbourne) which currently not possible.

With this, the sale counts in each day will be the same as shown in Envato statement. Currently, the sale counts(per day) are not matched to Envato when it comes to my time zone.


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You can change it in Account settings, just uncheck Local Timezone.

We used default by local phone Timezone for calc sale, if you want used server time (+10), Please turn off local timezone in setting app, thanks

Awesome! Thanks!

I have two more points and it would be great if you consider for the update in the future :slight_smile:

  1. It would be very useful if you add the option to op-out the ‘support renewal’ from the sales count. The reason I asked about the time zone setting was that I actually found that option earlier but seems the sales count still not matched with the Envato earning counts. Then I figured out that you includes the support renweal part in the app too. (Which this could mis-lead the bigger picture of the actual sales potential.)

  2. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. But seems like the app redirects to the iOs app rating page quite often(even I already rated the app).

That’s all and thanks again :wink:

Thank you for your feedback

1: We will make a setting that allows sales count with renewal support sale, can you share your statement item have sale is renewal via application, attach image screenshot statement list
2. We’ll fix it in the next version

Thanks a lot for doing that! :grinning:

I PM the message to you (via the form in your profile page.)

  • Seems review redirect issue will only happen when clicking on the iOs banner notification(sales notification).

SaleBolt new version 1.1.1 available!

  • Fix redirect store when touching the notification
  • Fix Push Notification Message Renewal Sale and Sale included extra support 12 month


Let keep your app is up to date for good new experiences and features.

Just trying it on Android and looks good but feels kinda slow. Is it normal?

Is it free?

Yes, it is free.

SaleBolt new version 1.1.7 available!

  • Support multiple accounts
  • Improve performance UI/UX and theme
  • Allow donation for hidden ads
  • Fix minor bugs


Let keep your app is up to date for good new experiences and features.

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