Sale Stats: See the sales fluctuations of the market

Hey there,

We developed an app that shows daily estimated item sales of Envato. Are you worry when there are no sales? Don’t worry. This App is great to see sale fluctuations of the market.

Check SaleStats App!

PS; this is not official and the data is the estimate.


There is a high probability that you will be asked to change this name :slight_smile:

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Yes :smiley: Interesting tool, but unvab is correct, you will need to change the name to something that isn’t one of our branded trademarks.

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Are you sure There should be no branded trademarks names ?

Because i have created an application for Envato Authors.
For which i named Envato Author Collaboration Tool

You can find more info in our Brand and Trademark guidelines, or there are API-specific terms here. From that second link:

Use of Envato Brand
8. You can use the word ‘Envato’ in the product description, or in a descriptive subtitle to tell users what it does, e.g. “AuthorWorks – The Envato Market Author App”.
9. You can’t however include the word ‘Envato’ in the application name itself. We don’t endorse your application (even if it’s really cool), so please don’t suggest we made it, or that it’s official in any way.

@waspthemes - you may want to check the date range on those charts. Currently, they’re showing sales estimations for four weeks that haven’t actually happened yet :wink: (Sep 7 - Oct 6)

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Although it’s reassuring to know there will be a slight spike in sales at the beginning of October.


Yeah, that’s going to need to change too :wink:

!! OMG :frowning: . ok will change. why not guys suggest a name for it ?

As i decided to give free hosted accounts. why not all of us decide a name for it ?

Call it “Every 15th Day”.

thank everybody for the feedback. :smiley:

Month bug fixed, name updated as “Sale Stats”.

Just jiggle the words around a bit…

‘Collaboration Tool - for Envato Authors’.

Thanks for the name :slight_smile: Cool.

Or you could stick a ramdomword at the beginning as well to jazz it up a bit.

‘Synergy Collaboration Tool - for Envato Authors’

‘Axiom Collaboration Tool - for Envato Authors’

‘Paradigm Collaboration Tool - for Envato Authors’

‘Stone Cold Groove Collaboration Tool - for Envato Authors’

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Now I want to change my forum title to be:

MatthewCoxy- Stone Cold Groove Collaboration Tool


everybody speaks about the name, guys what you think about stats? useful?

Now we can’t decided if its useful. but still there will be some time when we realize that its useful.

I also thought that if we develop the collab tool . i will get many users interest. but no one wants this tools for now :smiley:

i just got 1 reply from @matthewcoxy in my thread. !! :smiley:

So just be cool. and wait.some one on some day they will find it useful.

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@WaspThemes Great tool.

Please give us an option to change the duration. Eg: 1 month, 1 week, 1 year etc.

Now its showing many months, so in that case, instead of showing every date, average it to one week.

For views less than a month, days can be visible.

Thank you.



Sorry for presenting my opinion, but this is totally useless.

thank you for your feedback :smiley:

okay, I will add it! :slight_smile: