I disappointed with new updates.
What I get? Crash the app, errors, no info on the statement, no comments, and NO more Widgets…

Dear developer please fix it!


Developer will fix them for sure soon i hope

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nWallet - official envato app or not? After the last update I need to enter my login & password ? Afraid little bit.

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exactly! shall we wait for an official answer? my app disappeared overnight.

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Hi there…
App is in beta stage now… A lot of things were changed…

  • If you have problem, contact me over tw @dysko or via email dysko@me.com
  • It is not official app
  • New oAuth system requires that you log in and generate token… I’ll move login outside of app but you’ll need to copy paste come code. This login flow was introduced before by Envato.
  • App is free so if you want to help me to build it better - contact me and cooperate :slight_smile:

Understand. Thank you for fast feedback. :smile_cat:

How do you mean disappeared? :slight_smile:

Issue is detected with devices which use some languages. Till next update I suggest you to change device language to US English. Hope it helps

I thought the app was gone, but then I noticed that only the widget disappeared.


Ok. You can add Dashclock widget and add nWallet extension to it.

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will try that now, thank you!

Can you please share with old stable version nWallet!!!

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May you cut off the Author Fee?
Right now I may choose to display Author Fee or not. But what I really need is my actual earnings.

For example in my statement I have:

Author Fee: -3.52
Item A:      17.60

And when I turn off Author Fee, I see this:

Item A:      17.60

In the first varient I need to calculate numbers myself to have a real picture of my earnings. In the second varient the misterios number of 17.60 - is not my earning. I earn 14.08 - and that number I would like to see in my statements.

And there is also two things that I don’t like in new design:

  1. First one. In the main screen I see graph under my avatar and nickname. It’s hard to read the data from that graph, so it’s useless for me. It looks like a bad background for my avatar.
  2. Second. I don’t like lines in graphs. I think it’s better to use bars.

Thank you.

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Thanks for updating Dysko! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately nWallet isn’t working properly here. Is there any way to go back to the older version?

Sorry, I can’t :slight_smile: old API is going down. I believe that is more important to make this one stabile.

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nWallet alway crashing now :frowning:
Plus, some notes:

  1. In the new version i can’t see how much i sale tracks in present period, for this month, only total earn, this fact is not motivate me…
  2. In the Earnings graph no monetary scale now, only abstract sinusoidal waves - it’s very confusing me
    Hope you fix it.

I will take look into the fees. Graphs will stay for now. Numeric data is displayed on the statement and earnings anyway

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Graphs looks amazing. Thanks for the update!

  1. I believe it is visible on the Statement [tap on in]
  2. Numeric representation of data is presented in the list below. Chart is just for presenting trend.

I’ve just updated and it looks amazing. I love the predicted earnings! I’ve manually calculated this countless times and now I just need to open nWallet! I’m using Dashclock Widget like you suggested, it is good but the old widget will be missed.