Better Envato - Chrome Extension for Envato Authors

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##About Better Envato

Better Envato is a free chrome extension useful for Envato Market Authors. It has some cool features that will make Envato even Better.


  1. View Earnings in Local currency
  2. Desktop Sales Notification
  3. Desktop Comment Notification
  4. Verify Purchase Code from Dashboard
  5. Hide Author Fee Row from Statements page (Paused due to Support pack launch)
  6. View Item Price in local currency (statements page)
  7. View Graphs & statistics in Local Currency (Earnings page)
  8. Add links to referral websites in Analytics page
  9. Hide Envato Author Earnings from header
  10. Change forum look for better readability (Old forum look)
  11. NEW - Badges are back below Avatars on forums
  12. NEW - Hide unwanted tags from forums
  13. Automatically close envato item Preview iframe bar
  14. More features to come…


  1. Download Better Envato From Chrome Webstore
  2. Go to Options Page
  3. Fill your username, Envato API Key Check the features you want
  4. Get Open Exchange API Key for Local Currency
  5. Save Options and refresh market

##Open Source
Who doesn’t love open source? Better Envato is Open Sourced and its available on Github Page. Fell free to Star, Fork and Create Pull Requests.

##Bugs / Feature requests
If you have found a bug, Please report it on the Github issue Page. If you have a feature suggestion, You can either post it here or submit new issue on Github.

##About Me
My Name is Surjith S M and I’m also an Envato Author just like you from God’s Own Country, India. Want to show some love by donating? Buy me a Coffee via Paypal (surjithctly[at] If you do, please check “Business Payment” because “Personal payment” is not allowed in my country :stuck_out_tongue:

##Rate it 5 Stars :smiley:
If you like this project and if this little tool helped you, Please take some time to review it on Chrome Webstore.

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Proud to be an Indian . keep it up…

love it, thanks to make it :smile:

The most amazing extension I ever seen!

Recommend to all the Envato authors!

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

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Fabulous Work! Started using it. And, I would like to donate. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Updated About me section for authors who really want to donate. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @surjithctly,

First of all, thanks for your awesome extension. Is it possible not to customize the look of forum? I unchecked Customize Envato Forum style for better reading, but it still changes the default style of forum.

Glad you like it…

Seems the CSS is always loading. I’ll push an update soon… :smile:

Thanks for your reply. Keep up the good work! :+1:

it looks nice :wink:

@surjithctly thanks for this nice addon just checking if it’s possible to add item approval notification?

Yeah… Its possible. But it will not help authors unless you upload many items daily. Also, There’s an email notification for approval right?

Would be nice if the ka-ching sound was for standard licenses, and there was a “Ka-ching! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Clapping! Cheering!” sound for extended licenses, multi-use licenses and broadcast licenses! Gets more intense depending on the dollar value!

@SSF Do you get that kind of extended sales that too often?

I got only one in an year :frowning:

I probably get about half a dozen multi-use or extended licenses a month. Had three yesterday. Always cause for celebration!

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Wow that’s awesome @SpaceStockFootage!

Cheers! A multi-use license only makes an $8 clip $24… so I get $12.72, which isn’t quite enough to retire on… but it’s always nice to get one. A GraphicRiver extended license makes an $8 item $400… so I’m in the wrong line of work!

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Don’t worry, Those items will not sell even once as extended. So, its good to receive those small perks time to time :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say I have mine custom to where there are multiple cha-ching sounds randomly. It rotates through 6 different sfx that I got from one of my fav games that goes, “Yeah!!!”, “Whoo!!!”, “Alriiight!”, “That’s Amazing!” and etc, along with the cha-ching sound behind it. It may seem silly, but it’s extremely gratifying when I hear it (and a little shocking at times) and it’s all thanks to Surjithctly.

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