Tool For Author Who Collaborate With Other Authors

Dear all Authors

I am really happy to say that i have just created an tool for envato authors who collaborate with other authors like
1 author creating a psd and asking other author to develop it to html and sharing the profit.

Actually this app will do some automation for the sales info.

like lets say you and me agreed to convert a psd to html and we both agreed for 75% for u and 25% for me per sale.

so which means some body has to keep track for each and every sale based on their fees.


I have an item which list price is 59$ which includes buyer fees 4$

so the actual item cost is 55$ and the fees for my account is based on the total value so for now my fees % is about 40%

which is 55$ - 40% = 22$ for fees and 33$ is my profit

in that 33$ u get 75% which is 24.75$ and i get 8.25$

as of now i had word with few authors who collab a lot and they told me they use excel sheet to keep track of it.

so i decided to create an app for it. which also includes lot more features like detailed item sales report and sales chats.

now i am looking for some one who really can help testing this app.

also i decided to give an lifetime free account who helps a lot to test this app.

i am attaching few screenshots of it. if any one interested in testing this app then please do contact me via DM / via skype : varunsridharan23