Request to Envato team. The Best way to author collaborations.



Hi folk end Envato team. Just check this solution. I have an idea for collaborators.
This topic about how to share profit automaticaly and be happy and free to work with anyone.
Many of us want to collaborate with each other, it can to rise the quality of our production of audio or other directions of art on Envato marketplaces. Also it can brings new music ideas to the market. Sometimes we need someone who better then us play on keyboard or guitar, but you doing drums better then them and together you we the power. But the problem is all about money. How to share them, how to count and most problem is to keep in mind all tracks which you made as a team and split the percents of all individual track or items.

Envato team, i hope that you get my point and there is the solution. Could you image how friendly and " healthy" relations can be with other authors, if, when you upload an item, you can choose autor or authors who work with you and most important is that you can choose the percents of profit by yourself. 50/50 or 60/40 or 40/30/30. Thats all. It will automatically release you from any botherations and gives you confident that all be well even if your team will out of market after sometime.
What do you think? Will it usefull? I think definitely yes! ) Thanks for your time.


I think that’s perfect idea. We need this. So my vote is YES!


Thank you for supporting.


It’s really good idea!