How have you been handling collaborations (a song featuring someone else)?

According to this there’s no way to automatically split profits with another author if we collaborate:

There are a couple of threads suggesting such a feature, but in the absence of one, how have you handled collaboration? (To be clear, I’m talking about something like featuring a guest vocalist. I’m not talking about working with video hive artists to feature each others work together.)

The three basic ways I can think of to split profits are:

  1. Pay the other person like it’s a one time gig and then never again regardless of the success.
  2. Give them a percentage of sales.
  3. No payment at all, but maybe mention them in the description to steer some possible sales their way for other items.

They all have their own problems and advantages. Has anyone had any success with one of these options or something else I haven’t thought of? How did it go? If you don’t mind, what were the specifics?

  1. I collaborate just to have fun making music with someone else.

Idea: A special license for remixing, whereby people get the DAW file and everything. Anything that results therefrom, must be quality controlled by AJ (i.e. they must approve of it being released). Original author has the right to buy back at price originally sold, for anything downstream. Any remixer in the tree has the right to buy back at price originally sold, for only the subsequent downstream remixer.

Money: Maybe everybody in the tree gets a cut of the proceeds from sales, or maybe narrow it down so that only original author + specific remix author gets a cut of proceeds. Or some other way to divide cash.

Problem: Someone might take the DAW file and run … and there’s no telling where you’ll hear that familiar sound again. BUT same applies to anything sold on here really.

Alt Solution: This system nearly already exists (minus the tree layout of downstream remixes) in the form of construction kits.

@gballx - would you ever “collaborate just to have fun making music”? I think it’s basically what @TheropodFX meant in his original point #3. It’s a nice thought anyway, but l don’t think anybody would seriously consider it in these hard times where resources are divided between work and watching cats on YT.

I think you will find that when I collaborate with my mate Jamie Blanks in Australia on music it is not just limited to Audio Jungle. Some of our efforts are posted onto AJ some are not. Watching Cat videos is not one of my past times and I only work with people who have a mutually creative input. I have assisted a few others who have posted on the forum in the past seeking help with mixing or offer advice on music arrangements but now I only deal with Jamie. It’s a Quid pro quo musical arrangement.

Okay let’s do this. Send me the stems to one of your projects including midifile and tempo by email found on my Author profile page - and I will spend some time on your track. I cannot guarantee that you will like what I do but I will have a go anyway. I do not seek payment or credit or anything but I just offer my services to you on a joint venture.

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HI there, thanks! That was a kind offer. I shall cast about looking for something suitable. I have a lot of stuff that is basically just MIDI data made on the Amiga, the instruments are unusable today (8-bit).

I’ll get back to you pronto.

Absolutely correct approach! You always surprise me! I fully support! :wink: When cooperation is not according to the rules (not forced in the usual and simple environment is what need, here mutual understanding is born not at the level of money(I mean the deal). And it is much more correct and wiser than to anticipate the conditions for money (for example: you tell me, I tell you (which often causes misunderstanding and negative)). Most of my friends that I help (in music) and they help me, it is based on this! This is not just a collaboration, it is an eternal collaboration and durable as steel (because there is no money agreement)!

HI there buddy l just sent you an email. As you can perhaps see l’m writing this message at 3am because it’s the year end & everything’s ram jam over here. Not to put you off. Quite the opposite: I have one of my favourite compositions in mind. Currently only about 5 or 6 seconds of music but the good thing there is l can transcribe the MIDI track if l’m unable to just load the Amiga file into a modern editor. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it (midi sequence forthcoming).

Edit: Actually, as soon as you reply, l can just transcribe the tune there and then, it won’t take long at all, maybe about 20 mins work! You can expect a prompt reply to any email you send therefore.

Hi - I don’t quite understand what is going on but send me what you have.