Featuring track with other authors from AJ


Well guys i have a simple question :
If i make the track with some other member of AJ (vocal track) how to put the track on both profiles? Or how to share sales? I am about to make a featured track with one author and he will be a vocal in the track…


Hi Calvin. Graham Ball (gballx) and I have done several collaborations and we usually just alternate which account will house the track. I don’t believe it’s possible to have the same track on two accounts.

It’s best with these things to do them just for the fun and experience of working with an author. Splitting sales might get tricky. If that’s an issue in this case you could post the track on your account and send 50% of those earnings to the other author via PayPal, or vice versa. After Envato takes 50% it won’t be a huge amount unless the track takes off and starts selling like crazy.

It’s something you’ll have to discuss with the author supplying vocals. It goes without saying you credit the other author and provide a link to their profile in your item description. Good luck with the collaboration. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer!
I will talk with the vocalist and we will decide what is the best for us…We both have profiles here and we will have to make a serious conversation :smiley: We can share the earnings and it’s easy and MAYBE it’s even better to make a third profile and track the sales.That will be fair for both :smile: