Ideas to improve teamwork.

Hello all. I just think about some improvement which can help to authors who works with other authors. It would be awesome if envato team made option in upload page where we can choose other authors from envato world, and distribute percent of sales on future sales for each of the authors. For example i made After Effects template with my collega and with one sound designer (all three guys from Envato). I want that envato gives me 40% of each sales. 40% for my colleague and 20% for my compositor who made soundFX. It would be very usefull because all money automaticly distribute between each of author.

Another situation. I know that today a lot of authors work as a team with a few people. So I have a small studio but i dont want pay salary. I want each of my guys to receive a percentage of total sales and i register account for each of my employs. For every project i choose how many percentage will have each of my employs. Of cource i can do it without this innovations, but calculate this percentage every mounth for each of employs and for each of projects will take my whole life.

So tell me, what you think about it?
Sorry for my english.


Not going to happen I’m afraid. People have asked for this many times and the only workaround was to distribute funds to different withdrawal methods… so you could pay multiple people from the one account. That’s now changed with the new withdrawal rules, so its no longer possible.

You never know, something like that may happen at some point in the distant future, but at present, Envato are moving away from that kind of functionality… rather than towards it.