April's sales are gone

I had a decent start this month with at least 1 sale per day but since sunday,everything stopped.Anyone have the same problem?This is the 3th day without a single sale even if i had approved items.Maybe is just my “luck” but it’s better to ask you guys also.Who knows,maybe i’m doing something wrong.

Check the following topics: The Sales Monitor & AudioJungle Sales Monitor

Thank you rgba

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The sales monitor is now closed…Maybe you guys can post your opinions in here.Thank you

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They’ve started new thread I suppose - AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

hi Marian, i have personally not experienced anything like this , there are days that sales are slower , this does not mean that sales are slow for all of us , sometimes this is just a matter of buyers choosing other works or having other needs, or being a bit less numerous sometimes, too (because of some potential occasion or reason). I even experienced a whole week without a sale a few months back … keep doing your best, advertise as much as possible and everything will be back on track shortly :slight_smile:

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But he’s right. Sales slowed down

Thank you Nico…I’m just saying what i see.Maybe i’m wrong.This is why i asked for other opinions:)

Wow…8 days and no sales this month…Something is really wrong

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maybe that would be better for envato to work on doing their best to advertise and sell things rather than selecting things so that they are in keeping with their personal tastes just like they do at this time lol