Slow September sales


Anybody is experienceing slow sales this month. It was the worst month for me from the begining of my jurney here on envato?

First 2 weeks were awful, the second part is ok for us… will see how it goes on

It was great for me. I thought it would be bad, but I had 2-3 periods when I had multiple sales in very short time and that saved this month.

Probably is just me :frowning:

A little bit slow for me as well. You are not alone :wink:

A little above average for us.

for me is good ))):slight_smile:

Month started with slow-middle sales, but that sales grow up very well.

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Slowest month in 2 years

First half was great, second half the opposite. Dead. This pattern repeats over and over. One half good, the other half bad. Same for others obviosly

Really good month, pretty bad past few days, second best day of the month so far and we’re only half way through. One last push before the end of the month!

Starting the 5th of September I see a sharp 50% drop in sales, it has still no recovered. No changes made to the item page or product, just a sharp drop in page visits and therefor conversions I guess. :confused:

Yes is the same scenario for me. Something happened.

2 last week of this month sale so slow :frowning: