March 2016 sales



After 3 days with no sales and the renewal for support in action, how things are going with you guys?


crap and shitty


Slow sales


My theme’s sale is normal as last month :smiley:


What’s wrong with sales?


Definitely something is wrong. I am not an author though but an affiliate but still I only get commissions when something sells. Since 2nd March 2016, I have noticed a significant fall in the commissions.


I gave up on them :slight_smile: lol


Same here. Went to a complete stop.


I hope that it will be fixed soon



25 sales so far :slight_smile:


Best start I’ve ever had! 42 sales so far. Sold 16 items on the 2nd alone. For me, I’ve been trying to design during slow parts of the season for the past few years. So when it comes around again, I can have better sales the next.


Slow start of month(((


0 sales for March… After a really nice February


22 so far, good start for me :slightly_smiling:


Huge drop since last December.


any change guys. for me its still almost nothing :frowning:


slow… :frowning:


How about NONE?! I don’t know what they tweaked in the search, but i’ve never had such a slow period in over 2 years in the jungle (2 weeks now a single sale)! Getting restless here…
Won’t stop uploading and working here, so don’t take it as a complaint… I’m just sharing with my favourite community!


Pretty slow for me here, 3 sales in 7 days. None of my new tracks are really selling. I am now taking a break from uploading to finish my own solo album.