May 2016 Sales

Forgot about may…
Tuesday started well but we re back on the bad track… sales just are not picking up…

How are your sales?


Ridiculously slow and this has started to happen since the 24th of April and not recovered yet so far :thumbsdown:


Well, is this still the only thread about MAY SALES?
Tells the whole story.

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My sales are good, better than last month :smiley:

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In our case even visits are drastically down.

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sales down , visitors down. same here

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it would be interesting to see the global stats of the whole marketplace somewhere… that way we could judge if sales are down for everyone or just individuals.

Best week yet, and there’s still a day to go. :smiley:

My sale better than 2 latest week of April

Yet zero but soon I’m going to sell a lot ) ) ) Thanks Envato ) ) )

same here, I think there maybe (national) holidays involved in some countries?

Do not know, but its scaring the living poop out of me. Its going on for to long.

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It’s not an issue with holidays as I have last year stats to compare. I’ve noticed something though, almost all their ads on google point to categories for weekly top sellers as in:[replace with category name]

For example, if we are searching within wordpress/education category, then the advert on google has the following link:

This is the same throughout the entire marketplace and not specific to themeforest. Not sure if this has something to do with anything but something to think about for sure as I’m seeing top sellers have doubled their sales this week while I struggle.

We already expose this a while a go and the whole business case on envato works in this manor. But nothing is done and I doubt it will be… Marketing from envato has just stopped or maybe I don’t see what’s happening. Free referring sites have better ranking then themeforest itself.

Until know the fight was to publish new items and try to market yourself now days, options are diminishing.
We are struggling also with the recent statistics visits are down drastically and sales with them, just comparing 2 weeks and last week difference in overall visits are 17% and sales are decreasing from week to week.

If this trend continues trough the next week we are in serious trouble in June. I will probably have to borrow money to pay our employees.

Bad visit stat’s and bad sales in combinations to not be able to upload new items in a timely manor and summer vacations coming may result in a very bad situation for us.

To be honest last months are worrying me so I cannot sleep at night.
But hey what does Envato care, its not there business to worry about there distributors isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Recently a fellow authhor was complained from the sales, 12 Days without a single sale…:

As i stated again and again on several threads that my sales from January this year are about 40% down as compared to full last year average. The amount i earned only in the March, 2015 is approx the same amount i earned in Jan-Mar 2016, so you guys can see how sales are dropping with this new year. I also mentioned few weeks ago on a thread here that all this scenario taking me to a single conclusion that we will be introduced to a new owner of Envato very soon. They are making these all changes just to publicize their business model as “one man running enterprise” which earns millions of dollars every year or maybe month. Here are my calculation about every change which will add to this business model creation:

  1. Whole changes in how they calculate Author’s earnings: They straightly declare them as a marketplace where authors sell their items and Envato have no relation to the work in any means. Envato just collects the commission for the advertisement of the themes and to manage the tax on Author’s behalf. Now the invoices sent to buyers have the Author or Author’s company name
  2. Moving to US: We were all really happy as we were expecting thousands of new buyers by this move definitely it was stated by Envato. But the reason behind this i can see is that a company in US have much more reputation than a company in any other country. So the potential buyers would offer you multiple times value for your venture.
  3. Author driven pricing: Authors will now decide for which price they want to sell their product. So yet again their is no role of Envato in this.
  4. Refunds will be handled by authors: yet again they cut on their workforce requirement.
  5. Soon you will see that new file submission won’t require any review just you need to follow some predefined standards.

Forgot to mention that i am not moving away from Envato for now as i know still i earn much better here as compared to other marketplaces i already tried but yes i have started looking for some other income source to be able to keep paying my home loan EMIs and to survive in long run.


No sale in this month, Also down visitors. Anyone know Why?

There are many points that can drop sales. For example if you type construction in search you will see which theme dominates. Majority of rest themes are under construction pages . When i addressed envato that this is not fair they replyed that they cannot do a thing. And there are numerous ways the market is not fair. Ok i am up for a free market etc. Buuuut yesterday i asked on support if we can offer free support and advertise it on our items since current arrangement has just yes or no they sad no cause it is an unfair move and not competitive. I was like woooooot??! And seeing every posible thing on envato pointing to top lists, unfair search etc. is??? I am just sooo frustraited and disapointed on the level of ignorance!

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And btw… sales are still not picking up but falling… so are visits.

Envato are obviously going to promote the top items for sale e.g.

We have Avada which has sold 200,000 copies… this looks great to buyers right?

or in your case would be:

We have Somename which has 100 sales … this looks bad

Like it or not, any company will promote their top items… it’s basics of marketing, sell people what they want…Now is it fair to those with newer or less popular items? maybe BUT I have said it hundreds of times… stop waiting for Envato to give you sales, do your own marketing.

Avada, X, Jupiter, Be, Enfold, VC, Rev Slider. Layer Slider are only at the top because they market well, their names are everywhere from blogs to forums. They have created a “brand” which they promote to gain sales.

As an example, your website is really, really, really bad for SEO … optimise it and you could pick up more sales from Google searches e.g.

Create a page called physchiatrist-wordpress-theme - put your item blurb from Themeforest on there and link to the demo and to buy it.

I will get told I know nothing and blah blah blah but if you aren’t doing your own marketing then you will fail… you’re basically sat waiting for sales to roll in when you should be out there making use of social media (which you are doing), your website and as many platforms as possible to get more sales. I do this every day for normal businesses and it works, you just have to put time into doing it,

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