April 2016 Sales



Somehow I can’t find this thread so opened a new one.

For us April is a very very slow start before Easter it was awesome. During and after Easter it all went down…
Last week it started to pick up but from Monday a weird thing happened 2 of our currently top sellers did not have a single sale for 40 hours… I really do not know what’s happening, even with our new item sales do not pick up.

Have checked sales stats for 3 years back and in every year April sales went down… from 20 to 35% next month it picked up slightly.

What’s your experience?


Very slow sales for the last 3 days. US sales are at all time low


Something must be happening! I’ve also got hit by that something.


Been a pretty normal month for us so far. Slow in the start, but this week has caught up. Just keep uploading and focusing on your own promotions.


Sales are up on both old and new items, and I attribute that to resuming regular uploading with lots of new releases in the past few weeks. So far so good this month. Set a new daily sales record today, too :slight_smile:


Damn! I remember that on the old forum there was some kind of competition between authors, it was an honour to be the first to start a new monthly sales topic. With a few hours before the new month (australian time), a topic like this was started and everyone wished good luck to every author.

Now, it’s kind of sad to see this topic opened on the 14th day of the month.

The new forum really pushed away authors. It has its benefits, but, overall, the old forum was a better solution for what we needed. Or, maybe there are less authors, although I doubt this.


Sales just keep dropping. I see top items just getting higher. Anyone else?


Yes, same here sales are dead.
Rather i’m facing more of reversal these days. Not sure how many more people I have provide things for free.

I repeat sales are dead.


Last 2 days sales are like 10-20% of what it used to be on weekends. Envato said that thousands of new buyers will come after opening company in US but ironically I have had the slowest year start since then. 4 months of the year is about to complete and the sales are like 50% in total compared to last year. To get some more sales we uploaded a new theme but then to all my surprise review times is more than a month now ;(


something strange is going on, 5 days - no sales. Even the return of one item… Have someone else had to return last week ??? Maybe it’s banking problems?


Heh that was just sand into our eyes. They needed to open offices in us. For upcomming envato sites and the whole system had to go trough changes so they dont end up paying additional taxes which they hung on us. All the latest new stuff just made evrything worst. Only top few rise rest fall. But hey this is how the world works rich are getting richer and… well you get the picture.


I have had a sale reversal last week for one of my WP theme.


From al the changes done in the recent past including the US office and Author driven pricing are taking towards a conclusion that there might be a new owner for Envato is coming :wink:


Really good month up until Friday/Saturday, but have only had a couple of sales since then. Weekends are usually slow for me though (although maybe not this slow) so I’m hoping I should be back in full swing tonight/tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


For us in time of 1 month sales went down 40% will see


We are also at 60% earnings as compared to last year


Yes, I have two returns :frowning: and no sales.

Envato must have to look in this, this is getting worse now.


Damn! And I thought there’s something wrong just with us. Same here guys, we have 10-20% of normal income last few days. What the hell is going on there?


First week was slow :frowning: and lets see the current week.


In the US, the last 10 days have been busy for us running businessses because today was the deadline to submit our taxes to the government. I would imagine this may affect sales because we are all so busy with gathering information for our taxes and some of us have to pay which delays our other expenses. I bet things will pick back up by end of week :slight_smile: