August 2016 Sales

Having 2 new items(WordPress theme and HTML Template) in the last 3 days and only 2 sales doesn’t look good.

How is the month going for you?

I have 1 item. Approved 10th June. On this month got 2 sale. Total 9. Progress good. Work for newer item. :slight_smile:

Worst month in the last few years. And we are still waiting for approval of 2 new items over 2 months now, so it’s getting even worse. We’re loosing a lot of potential money because of extremely slow review process.

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I’ve promised myself not to complain about sales anymore, but this month is definetely another low point in the statistics (talking AJ here). My last 7 uploads got 1 sale alltogether.

Agree with all comments…this month is very bad for sales…
I need good brushwood for my oven of sales :slight_smile:

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9 items uploaded in this month - no even single sale. It is sad :frowning:

If you’re struggling for sales, it might not be a bad idea to do a little bit of work on marketing your items.

Having Envato’s huge network of customers behind you means that a little bit of work on marketing and customer acquisition could pay off tenfold in the long run…


How do you market ? any tips?

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There are some awesome articles on that talk about marketing by other authors (probably worth subscribing if you haven’t already)

Here are a few of our favourites:

Another great technique is to seek out bloggers and third party review sites, get your products in front of them so that they can be analysed and written about to external networks (of course, this only works if your product is good, but sounds like you got accepted so you’re off to a good start).

Remember, as with all marketing, you’re trying to get your stuff in front of the people who you’ve made it for. Think about the specific audience who are most likely to be interested in your product, and find the places where they hang out.

Envato is a tool! Leverage it. Don’t leave it it chance.

Now go forth and kick some ass :wink:

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My sale down and slow :frowning: