Why sales are so much down in this month April-2020

Hi, Any body can help me about why sales are so much down in this month, i have html portfolio, this month is only 10% sales according to the previous month. if any body know the trick for boost the sales, please help me.
if any error or bug with my account please let me know.

Thanks with Best Regards.

It can be related to the current situations or your items may be getting old

Thanks but items are updated in my portfolio. but other authors are selling items, i think current situation must be effected them. so thanks again for your reply…

Don’t forget there is a pandemic at the moment, and it’s affecting the lives of everyone in one way or another. It’s really hard to give any reason for a sale decrease at the moment due to this reason. Stay safe!


Yes you are right, God Bless on us and getride from this pandemic. Thanks alot. Stay safe stay healthy.


Same :frowning:

My sales have increased this month o.O


Very nice and good news for me, if you are doing any type of marketing or other activity for sales boosting, please let me know the way, i ll thankful to you.

My sales also double have increased this month March last week to April every day minimum 10 - 15 sales. I never last 2 years.

very nice, GLWS. but if you know some tricks or marketing way so please guide me.

This isn’t the place to charge people for advice on how to increase sales. If you want to provide advice publicly (for free), then you’re welcome to do so here… not some kind of clandestine operation, exchanging briefcases down a dark alleyway for dubious information.