Sales down this month August 2020

This month sales are so down, i don’t know why, is this only for my portfolio or the whole market. authors please share your comments. Thank you.

Hi @Dewwater,
It’s the summer my friend, usually in August sales are down every year :wink:
Don’t worry, sales will be back soon.
Have a nice day.

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Thank you @celtano

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My sales down in july.

I don’t know what is this, the other competitors are getting sales normally. but my portfolio is going down in this month. but July was good for me as usual. Thanks You

For us from end of spring and entire summer was from low to low, but this month is the worst.

I’m sure in September will be better.


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Yes Dear you are right, All is well in September :slight_smile:

Hi, How’s this month for sales, i am so bored, sales are so down in September. and how about you?

Hello @Dewwater
How to say to keep the good mood… :)) Last three months are the worst but this month in no 1 in worst sales …


all’s well soon with God’s blessings.

From what i see in 40 days, we got 15 sales and in last 9 days, no sale.

You should to start promoting your items on social media. May be sales good after promotions.

We always make this.
Social and paid adverts in Google, fb.

Hope this month will be better