Sales Monitor



Hello everyone, how are the sales going?


Around 50% drop. sales usually slow for me in summer.
but when envato do changes here and there, these usually make sales even slow :
Audiojungle ADP, Videohive upload, remove follower feed, new search layout, element & placeit banners etc…

It starting go down since last year at least in my case… despite frequently upload item… pretty sure the elements driving traffic away.


My sales are almost dead… A huge drop lately :frowning:


I think the same, sales have dropped lately … this has been a very bad month


Yeah… same here… Huge drop !!! My sales are around 40% lower than same period last year. And my sales in general are decreasing since May… I also noticed in my Google Analytics a drop of visitors since May… I don’t know what’s happening ???


Three week without sales :C


Me too the sales drop down 40% on graphicriver


Yeah it very terrible in one month only one item sold.


I have seen your profile Currently Logos have low demand…