Sales Monitor

Hello everyone, how are the sales going?

Around 50% drop. sales usually slow for me in summer.
but when envato do changes here and there, these usually make sales even slow :
Audiojungle ADP, Videohive upload, remove follower feed, new search layout, element & placeit banners etc…

It starting go down since last year at least in my case… despite frequently upload item… pretty sure the elements driving traffic away.

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My sales are almost dead… A huge drop lately :frowning:


I think the same, sales have dropped lately … this has been a very bad month

Yeah… same here… Huge drop !!! My sales are around 40% lower than same period last year. And my sales in general are decreasing since May… I also noticed in my Google Analytics a drop of visitors since May… I don’t know what’s happening ???

Three week without sales :C

Me too the sales drop down 40% on graphicriver

Yeah it very terrible in one month only one item sold.

I have seen your profile Currently Logos have low demand…

status of sales this december

very good for me as non full time marketplace runner

buddy u have almost no seasonal item being approved . maybe this is the reason why …

not a full-time here either,

Yeah, I really need to work on some seasonal items :smile:


well what u did is good obviously as any “generic” item added to the portfolio is another potential source of sale and money but the thing is that in the last quarter , especially the last 1,5 month before winter holidays, if do not have any seasonal item this looks more difficult to have big sales …

This is the first time that I’m experiencing no sales for four days now… Is something happening at Envato? Does anyone else feel the same? Please answer…

lol well … covid19, economy almost dead in usa, envato elements overly promoted and so on … i guess u get your answer …

It made sales until 2nd of this month… and from that onwards no sales yet… This is the first time I’m experiencing such a drop… No sales for almost 6 days now… I think I won’t be able to withdraw next month. I feel like as a married person I’m completely lost

Things will get better guys, be patient, I have an increase in sales but I sell code.

September by default is a bad month, there is also a global crisis going with this COVID mess.

I am sure things will get better.

lol this could be worse anyways? lol once u hit rock bottom the good thing is that going up is the only option anyways lol more seriously speaking, i personally have rather bad and slow sales ever since the covid , but after a while that i lost a lot of positions in the global ranking, i have got back half of the positons that i had lost … which seems to indicate that video guys who could do well all the same seem to have a way harder time now …

hi it used to happen to me for a whole week once a couple of years ago … just try to keep on working hard and focusing on quality and post on regular basis , things will be back at a time … though this is true that all is more complicated nowadays with covid 19 … as many economies and industries related to entertainment in a general way have been very badly impacted indeed

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