Why Have Sales Dropped ?

I am still new author in Graphicriver. I love to create Magazine Template and so far going not very good but as a newcomer I must say my sale not so bad though in January and December 2018 my sales were relatively better but after February my sale gradually dropped down :pensive::pensive:. On this current Month only 4 Items were sold so far. I have presumed that I am a new author with some handful Items that’s the reason sales output not match my expectation but I have also come to learn that this is not happening only in my case , other authors who have been here for long time in this business even Elite Authors are complaining and they are concerned of their sales dropped. Actually I want to know that is it a rumour or fact?

Also I would like to request to all the experienced authors who here doing well for long run, How to I increase sales. Your advise will be highly appreciated.


hi probably thanks to the “mastermind” strategies that have been tested - like selecting best selling items or taking down the credit system - and that all authors could easily identify that they would bring bad things to the table … or maybe thanks to the low quality items approved and the good one rejected , most of the time, and that as a result of all this, they have probably managed to make buyers fly away from here …

otherwise , u have to keep something in mind buddy - and this is something that envato has nothing to do with - that the second part of the year is always more lavish in terms of sales as there are way more “big time events”. All guys will tell u the same, the first 6 months are always slower than the the other half of the year

for this last weekend and today, maybe slower sales can be linked to easter …

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Thanks buddy for your feedback. :joy:

Here’s what I’ve experienced. When I joined 8 years ago, I had my first item approved after 3 rejections, that item got 1 sale within the first hour of becoming available, but that’s all, it never got another sale after 3 years, so I took it down and tried other things. I was rejected quite a lot, but I’m actually grateful for it, because it forced me to make better items, now I’m at the point where I never get rejected.

When I make an item, I usually spend anywhere from a few weeks to even a year on it, to make sure it’s as best as it can be, I also make a lot of marketing for it; multiple social media posts, smaller free things to go along with it, and I contact other sites that share digital assets. I don’t get many sales, but I usually consistently make between $50 to $90 each month, and more when the item first goes up.

I’m not sure how you go about things, but it definitely pays to do all you can for item quality and marketing. Personally, paid marketing has never been worth it unless you have something that targets a very broad range of people, rather than something targeted toward a niche market. So post all over social media, forums (where it’s allowed), and try contacting some digital asset sharing sites.

Hello mate,
Please try to understand,I don’t think, I am not a very good designer as yours, But I have some item which approved and not a little amount,But My questing ! if my item is approved by this site but why I am struggling with sales.Please don’t mind envato . When a started here,i am sure i am not a high class designer and i also said,today i am not a high class designer as yours but year by year my design is approved by this site but what is my fault?please say something about me and also remember now I am a author here about 7+ year . please share something…
Thanks everyone and thanks envato, and please don’t mind .

It seems that around this time of the year, sales arent as high in general.

On the other hand, not everyone gets good sales, if you just post and item and leave it at that, you might get a few sales and that’s it before it disappears from the front page. You need to do some marketing; post on social media, share it on other sites, etc. The more places you have it shown, the more people will see it. It also depends on how usable and original your item is, if it’s similar to another item that had already gained some traction, then people would rather buy the other one, not yours. Also keep in mind that there are A LOT of items on the marketplace, yours will inevitably get lost in a vast sea, so you need to do something to make it stand out.

Thank you very much mate,but please said also, year by year the quality of item which approved by envato is much better from previous and I also add, some of us are unable to approved item day by day but I am able year by year,also i know about marketing which you indicated in your replay,but one more questing, If day by day quality of item is higher and then why sales drop… year by year!!! Thanks again…very frustrated guys…

I’m a bit confused about what you’re asking. Are you asking why your sales don’t get better when your skills are improving?

The quality of the item isnt the only thing you need to pay attention to, you also need to make something that’s actually useful to people, and the broader range of people who would have use for it, the more sales you’re likely to get. However, if you make something really good that’s only useful to a smaller amount of people, it will be easier for people to find it.

Now if you’re asking why your items had 10 sales a day (for example), but now they’re only getting 1 or 2 sales per day, then that could be due to them getting lost amongst other similar items, or your items are a better fit for a certain time of the year.

Something that I’ve been doing recently is going back and updating my old items. My skills have increased quite a lot since I made them, so I can basically redo those items and bring them up to my current standard, which not only makes them better, but makes them relevant again.

Ok mate I realized and thanks again,Please visit my portfolio and give some advice how can I get more more stable sales and remember it’s my only way to earn money.

Thanks Again and good luck for your business

I am waiting to here from you… :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy for your valuable suggestion. It’s precious for me.

Boss you are such a funny as ironically you got much better sales than XioxGraphics but still asking him for clues on how to get better sales :wink::blush::yum:

Well to be fair, they have 395 items, I have 30.

LOL we if u wish i can show extraordinary works not making it here , being binned in a second and making a lot of sales somewhere else, as many of my friends turn out to have a lot of them, if u wish also i show u tons of quickly done and very average items making it for sale and selling nothing at all after many years and some of the very same quality being instant successes without anybody could expect this … i am not the guy who will tell u that focusing on quality is not a good idea, but let’s face it , there is much more important than this nowadays and this is the global exposure that items may be given, starting with search top ranking engine results. This is how the mediocre items that i referred to are making good sales all the same by the way … when u have a guy who is given 19 slots out the 24 from the first page of search engin results , just like what happened at a time , that, in addition, the guy has en extended portfolio of 3K+ , all i can tell you is that some things become way more prominent than quality … not to mention that quality or putting much time, effort and attention in your work are not even a guaranty not to get hard rejected nowadays …

yeah u made a point, of course we are expected to do much advertising and so on, but the initial “contract” that envato had with us was that we create and that they sell . We more and more have to advertise it all on our own and are the fees decreasing in the meanwhile ? of course not! besides, let’s face it , fees here are really huge, really really huge, when u think about it , a non exclusive authors gives more than 67% to everyone and this is just in case they are lucky enough not to have an additional fee from a sale in usa, if u know what i mean …
and as regard to “a lot of items in the marketplace” well solutions do exist … free some space with the very old unsold things … then limit the number of submissions per author to one per day or even one per week and u will see not only how things will be better this way but also how some guys will put much much time, effort and attention in what they do , instead of doing the “quantity thing” just like they do right now …


i wish u were true , as for me what i see is that the same old bad stuffs from the same guys, the same copycats have it all approved and keep on making it with quickly done lower average copies but there are more and more good quality items trashed …
u are also wrong sales do not drop as u mentioned, they are more unstable and he thing is that, unless they carry some strange experiments, sales depend much on the exposure u get from new items and from developing your portfolio (extending it)


well in a perfect world u are true lol i guess all people try to do this but despite a very deep knowledge of potential targets and so on , sorry to say just this but there are as many expectations as people buying …and some people sometimes turn the items they purchased into crazy things by the way …

well have a look at the flyer category and u will see that this often the other way around ,… some guys make copies of other guys stuffs and some other make copies - slightly different - from their own items and resubmit and have one more item and these guys in both cases, usually quickly have 2 or 3 sales … almost instantly … but i wish u were right , this is the bottom line …

and it depends on what u sell … if u sell websites in themeforest or flyers in GR this is obviously not the same …

as for me i see what i consider as a real issue with your portfolio indeed … the fact that your thumbnail are indeed not showing the product directly will probably be considered a waste of time and push some potential buyers into searching somewhere else

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