Why my sale currently not as good as before ?

Hi Friends.

First of all, I have forced myself to believe all fault is mine that’s why nowadays my sales dropped ominously!

I started my Journey in 2018 as a hobby not so seriously. After a few months, I got a good response. At that time I didn’t do anything like marketing, social market sharing. nothing but still I managed sale good. Then I thought of doing more seriously and to be a full-timer. But since then from January my sale dropped awfully and I have earned almost nothing.

One day I read from the Envato team member and they suggested to do SEO. Then my question is that “WHY”? We were doing good without SEO and off course we will do better after SEO. My question is that why they changed the default system? How Envato get benefit from that? If authors earn more with the previous default setting then they will also get considerable revenue. Why make our life tough?

I really don’t know how to do SEO but I am trying to learn it but this is not so easy as we think. One has to be an expert in SEO then he will earn more or either become an affiliate partner with an SEO expert. Still, it is really full of the complex.

So I accept my inefficiency and inability regarding marketing. I have no other option left except to be an SEO expert. What you think guys. Please share your opinion and also suggest to me how to grow my sales volume.


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hi i think that maybe u did not figure this out … but unless people here create , submit and have new things accepted on regular basis and that in addition they spend a good deal of their time promoting by themselves, this is hard to expect a decent result , as the marketplace is saturated , lot of guys in town, tons of items to choose from in every category and market …


From what I see most authors have a huge drop in sales, this topic is discussed over forum, personally I still believe Elements is the main problem, buyers preferring to pay 16$ per month to get a gazilion items and I can’t blaim them but for us authors this is a nightmare.

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so? Have you got my point ? I think you don’t.

I don’t think Element is the main reason but may be have a little impact. Now this market is nothing left for the new author and new items. Lots of new items remain unsold. I am furious and losing my motivation. Though I believe in future there must be something good for us that’s why I am still working with passion and become more serious.

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Iam new here and can suggest why good composers are unable to sell their music.
I compose music and sell them worldwide always on the look out for new sounds.
I like audio jungle and here is my problem.
Iam looking at sound effects and or beats or music to use that track to add my instruments and my lyrics and my voice and complete my song to sell on I tunes.
Audiojungle does not allow that to add my lyrics to any music track and sell
This is single most reason you guys are unable to sell your music.
AJ Master license also does not allow music track to be used to modify add instruments and sell
Music for you tube or videos there are so many places where we can get free music.
my suggestion to you as composers is you need to get your music first into the world as a full song form.So you must permit using your music track for me to add my lyrics sing and sell with no limitations
next step composers like me will come again to you for the next song.
if not you will have tracks for sale and not one sale happens.
AJ is not about making money which will be pea nuts.AJ must be about your music being used by composers and that should be available worldwide
Think about this for a second and if you want to sell your music for reasonable price contact me through AJ

Elements is one of the reasons. I have one customer and I helped him with his projects. We have to make mockups of his products. He downloaded tons of mockups for that work from Elements (around 50-60 items) and paid for it $16.50 ($0.33-0.28 for each). All these mockups are available on Graphicriver and costs $5-12 for each. Just imagine, $16.50 instead of $400-500.

It is good for customers - you paid a little money and got access to the huge graphic library. You do not think how suitable is mockup for your project, just download new one if not. Also this is good for pirates that downloading all they see on Elements and share it through file hostings. I think they get more from it than the authors.

But the author gets only cents for the work he did through the days/weeks/months. This is not a fair deal, I think Envato have to set a limit on the number of downloads on Elements.


i guess that no one can understand your point as such buddy … if u had a very huge amount of sales beforehand i would understand , when , right now u have very little items and sales … so i am not sure what u are taking about when u deal with good sales , or not good ones … if u want to have a good deal of money , this is not a get rich quick place here … u have to work very hard , develop a decent and very solid portfolio and get noticed in a positive way so that the market start to get o know u and 'your business" is taking off …

hi are u sure that u really are not allowed to do this? maybe it depends on the kind of licence that u are opting for when u buy here doesn’t it?

I am sorry to say that I have understood his point then why you demand no one can understand his point. It’s a devoid of logic. Items number is not all. He has nearly 30 items and all is big items( magazine template). He is talking about good deal of sales. You sound like you are appointed for Envato. Where everyone is complaining about sales declining even those who have 100+ items and a very high sales volume they also claiming that their sales volume down currently. Though I am new in this market but I have 10 years of experience working and I can say his work is quite good standard. If you are stuff of Envato then you should talk for them but if you are only a seller then you should be side for the whole community. And one more think I have found of every category’s new items almost no sale, so according to you their items are not decent or they all don’ t do work out for marketing. And this can’t be. I found only you support Envato but rest of others not.

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have a look at his number of sales and let’s talk about it again … what is supposed to be goo for him? 5 sales a week? i do not mean that i do not understand the decreasing of sales … though a lot of people do not understand that , unlike what used to happen , nowadays , if u do not promote on your own, submit and have new items approved on regular basis and so on to get some exposure for your work , then , this is naturally not working in such a concurrencial environment / saturated market …

this is making no sense to talk about sale decrease when u have 28 items, 42 sales and that u have joined last year … now if u tell me that u joined back in 2008 or 2009 and that despite a large portfolio u have sales that have substantially decreased - what happened for a lot of guys including some of my friends - then this is a very different story …this case , without judging if this true or not that sales decrease , is not proving anything at all …

back in 2009 u could have tons of sales! now u have tons of additional guys in town, tons of items in the catalogue already and of course the market cannot expand indefinitely … so there is a sort of logics to what is going on … which does not mean that we have to accept it all the same … since fees that we pay are very high on every sale so we can expect cool SEO and so on as mentioned, i agree …

Actually you absolutely as market is saturating that’s one has to pour extra effort on marketing. No other options is left at this current situation. May be Element making a little impact on Graphicriver sales. Still, marketing is all so I have to work on this. It is also true loads of author also stating that their sales dropped. Hope things will change surely soon.



Answer is A and B both

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It’s a good suggestion! A daily download limit may work to sort things out. A lot of other sites are also doing this.

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little impact? lol well this is your opinion , i can tell u that a lot of guys have a very different one … lol as for me i cannot figure out how much but this would make sense that it hurts when they promote this so very heavily … maybe part of the SEO is going for there , did u think about it? lol

u mean upload i guess , this is what i said a very long time ago … this would push the people to focus on quality rather than quantity … some guys submit 5,6,7 items daily … how can they give a really original and worked out product working for such a small time?

Why You using too much “lol” ? It’s disrespecting. At least try to show some respect

Hi guys - I didn’t read all your posts but let me tell you… I am also elements author and I can see what is going on on the market and on elements.

Sales went down on the market because of elements - even I upload much more on elements than on the market now :slight_smile:

apply for elements, try to be a contributor there - you have to go with the changes. :slight_smile:

you can apply here:



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