Graphicriver sales drop massively.

Hi Guys,

I have noticed the past few months my sales have dropped by a considerable amount. The amount of items I have uploaded in the past year or so has been reduced so I could understand why sales would not be great but I have always had a consistent amount of sales and earnings from my items even when I would not upload any new items.

I have made the effort the past few months to get active again, upload more items and sales have been worse than ever. Items are just not selling like they used to i’m lucky to get 1 sale on new items.

Quality of work is the same if not greater than previous years. What’s happened? Is there something I have missed in recent weeks? Anyone else have the same issues?

Help would be appreciated.


The number of new sellers is likely to rise faster than the number of new customers. The purchasing power has remained roughly the same, but is now spread onto more sellers.


I also facing drop sale from last month. It’s massive drop now actually from last weak.
I didn’t know how to recover!!! Constantly upload and active with my profile.
What else going on!!! Or what to do???

Google algorithm update code named “Fred”

Sad to say it’s the exact same situation for me. Although I recently started uploading again after years of inactivity. And sales remain dead, lucky to get 1 sale on a new flyer. Like others have said, the amount of items being uploaded is now a torrent - the market is more and more saturated every week. With flyers there are maybe 5 - 10 times more being uploaded than there were a few years ago.

As for sales plunging just in the last few weeks or months, I’m not sure what factors may be involved there. Envato Elements has likely taken some customers away from the marketplaces - banners are constantly shown on marketplace pages. My timing is always terrible, I finally start regularly uploading items again and it’s too late.

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Sorry but, what would you expect in these circumstances?
The opposite would be impossible.

Sales are down for the obvious reason highlighted many times by various authors.

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It has NOTHING to do with it.