Anyone have low sales like me??


Since the beginning of the week I almost sold 1-2 items there seems to be a very low sales which is a weird thing for my account. Has any one lived the same issue? Did Envato changed the search algorithm?

I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank You


I am also having the same problem through last month.the sale rate has gone very low.though i am new seller but i think there is a problem in themeforest.

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Yeah weird. I have been here since 2010 and haven’t been like this. this started after my latest item approval. Don’t know the reason. I wish things go back to normal soon.

Hoping for the best

I’ve been here on and off for years. Compared to about 5 years ago, it looks to be about 10 or 20 times harder to get sales on Graphic River. Also March and April seem to be 2 of the weaker months for sales in my experience.

I have also experienced a big drop in sales

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I’m from Audiojungle, and yes, march and april so far were the lowest sales months since almost a year.

i have one main plugin selling on codecanyon, i was happy and trying to improve more sales and now this sudden i dont know what happened why sudden big drop on sales. this week i get 1 sale only.