Sudden drop in sales at the end of September?

Last two weeks of August was better than the summer and September started great…but for the last two weeks sales dropped dramatically…it’s worse than the summar sales.

Do you encounter the same thing? Is there anything related with platform or is it just me?

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Hello @QUAL

Sale depends on your item quality and marketing.

You can update your item based on client feedback and updates and do marketing for increase it’s selling.

Also get five stars, quick support.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually I have the same experience this week, but things like that happen.

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Never depend always on Envato. Make your own audience and promote yourself.

I see this kind of posts more and more. I had a 40% drop this month. Sad days but I have faith!

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I have increased sales past 3 months and this month was going really good till 24 :slight_smile: something happened there and its literally dead so far :slight_smile:

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Product pages and my profile page have been broken for at least a couple of weeks, preventing me from making any purchases. I have tried multiple browsers and asked friends and relatives to check, and they all see the same as me, a plain HTML page with no CSS or JS applied. Safari displays ~25 errors similar to this,

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This problem has been reported and is being investigated now.

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Oh thank you. I was thinking it was only me. I didn’t know anything related with this mistake.

The issue was reported and the devs took care of it. If you’re still having issues please report them here - > [Report Here] Page issues with Envato Marketplaces

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I’m also experiencing a drop in sales this 1-3 months. The only thing that helped boost was the recent birthday campaign. Hoping it picks up soon!