Anyone is facing dropping on sales?




Since 1th of June, I have been facing hard drop on sales, anyone else is facing this or it’s just me?

Is Envato changing anything on their system?

I have been selling for 2 years here, but never faced a drop like this month.

Please advice.


Hi, mate!

Same here. I’m new to Envato. But didn’t have such drop in sales even in my first month with 5 items.


Hi doughouzforest.

Yes same here… i am also selling at envato for 2 years. I have even contacted support to help me out in this matter. no prompt response and just got a detailed article from their side that sales are not constant and envato team do changes on their end at regular basis.

I am also very worried about the drop in sales…

I do seo for my products as well and they are ranking at top page of google. But seems like there is some sort of change being done by Envato but there is no prior elaboration in this regards

Please check out my codecanyon profile and let me know about about any suggestions or reviews.

Looking forward to get a positive response


They’re continuously tweaking this and that to bring the most possible buyers to the site and make sure the most relevant content is put in front of them. It’s ongoing so it’s not really something you’d announce. Although the long term goal is to bring in more buyers and achieve more sales, that’s never going to happen overnight… and you can’t magic sales out of thin air, so any change will benefit one person and have a negative effect on someone else. Those could be big effects, they could be small ones, but the aim for Envato is to increase overall sales/traffic… they’re not too concerned if certain individuals loose some sales as long as it benefits the whole. If changes and tweaks don’t work, then they’ll probably revert to how it used to be, or try something new. So any drop in sales due to search/marketing changes might hurt you now but might benefit you in the future. You never know.

Combine that with an ever-increasing number of items for buyers to choose from, and increasing sales are going to be rare… unless you’re new or you’re uploading loads of items every month. Static or decreasing sales are more likely as time goes on. Not wanting to sound negative, but that’s just the way it is.