what do you guess about reducing our sales?

from 1st of December, our sales go down And We don’t know why it happens. ( Totally we have 1 sale from starting of December! )
Could you give us some suggestion and help us to increase our sells?
I think our software has a sale potential and we expect the 10 sales in a month at least but I don’t know why it is not going well.


Hi @Learn-Site ,

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with respect you have only 2 items and there are not enough customer to purchase those type of Items mean those Items are not well demanded to customer. please try to approve more items to get more sales. besides this sale can slow down during december for Christmas and the New Year.

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Thanks for your comment, we are trying to publish new software but as you know, it takes a long time for making an appropriate one, and it’s hard sometimes, Our motivation for creating is going down, unfortunately. We spent over 3 weeks on developing software, but it has just 6 sales.

please keep patience and try to improve quality and enrich profile with quality Items, hope you will win and time will come when you will say yea we are doing good. :+1:


Our product’s view raised ( especially from google ) but sales are also going down, ​​and it’s the first time that we just sale one license in a month! That’s so strange… Also, we are in the new year’s offer, but I don’t know why our sales are going down this month!