cart is not working

Unable to use cart… tried in incognito mode and on multiple browsers but doesnt seem to load correctly.

Yea same problem… I can’t check out. Unable to pay with paypal and or credit cards.

Same problem, also on item detail sites.

Same problem here, I see > 20 console errors in Safari and Chrome, all similar to this,

Same problem, all browsers have problems.
Please take care.

I’m having the same issues. Is Envato Market operational?

Here is everything ok:
@KingDog Can you provide any info, because i can’t access my VH dashboard GUI only text :frowning:

Same thing… wanting to check out so i can get to work but can’t

It should that is the problem, the certificate of the assets server is expired.!

Same here!

Checking into this now. Thanks everyone!


over two hours and nothing happen…

I also can not log into my account. The same problem as the guys above. The page loads for a long time and only text appears.

Looks like I’m not the only one!

Any idea when this is going to be remedied?
I have some tight timelines here!

Same with the favorites page

The Devs are working on it now. Thanks!


I still have the Issue

Thanks, KingDog… do you have an ETA? Trying to plan workflow :slight_smile:

No ETA yet, but the Devs are working hard on it. I’ll update you when I hear something :grin:


Thank you!


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